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Dec 1, 2008 03:46 PM

Florida Keys...

In mid-January 2009, I'll be flying into Ft. Lauderdale and renting a car to drive through the Keys.

Any recommendations on good, local places to catch a bite to eat and/or have a fun time? I'm planning on making this a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

On my way through Miami, is it worth a trip to Little Havana to have a meal at Versailles?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Versailles is a landmark restaurant in Little interesting place to go.....and the food is reliably good.....Then again....there's a million and one places in Miami that serves good cuban food.....some better than others.....But Versailles is a landmark restaurant.....As for the's a 95 miles long!!....Where are you going in the Keys?......Haven't been to Key West in years....but on the way you can stop at The Fish House in Key Largo.....Bentley's and Ziggy's in Islamorada......and others may chime in with their recommendations.....


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      The Fish House & Fish House Encore are right next door. Encore has a much better vibe IMHO.

      We tried Bentley's and it was just ok. There are about twice as many specials written on a blackboard than there are entrees in the menu and the waiter had a difficult time trying to explain all the options. With so many places in Islamorada, I would skip this one. The other places had better atmosphere for the price.
      We didn't try Ziggy's, but it looked like an interesting steakhouse when we drove by. We were tying to focus on seafood.

    2. Just did the same thing on a visit from Texas.

      The Fish House Encore is a great place in Key Largo. Not on the water but great food & sushi bar sit on the back patio. Piano player in the bar area.

      Sundowner's in Key Largo was good to sit out by the water in Key Largo.

      Islamorada- Lazy Days on the oceanside-upscale seafood with a nice view.

      Morada Bay on the bay side- white sand beach with great service- a bit pricey but very elegant & relaxing.

      Our favorite was Island Grill- I think we ate 4 meals there in a week.
      On the ocean side by protected by the mangroves. Lots of locals there at every meal and the food was awesome. They live music most nights and the serving sizes are large!
      We especially like the cracked conch appetizer & tuna nachos. Calamari was tasty and enough to feed the whole table.

      Have a great trip!

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      1. re: amykragan

        RE: Ziggy's, I had the absolute BEST bone in ribeye I have ever had at this establishment!!! Sadly, my last visit produced the absolute worst ribeye I've ever had at a restaurant ... And sadly, management didn't care at all.