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Dec 1, 2008 03:34 PM

Mercatto for Dinner

Hit Mercatto on Saturday after not being able to get a table at Terroni on Adelaide.

Had an absolutely lovely meal, far better than Terroni. I've hit Mercatto before during the lunch hour and while the dinner menu is not that different the atmosphere is so much nicer. There wasn't an empty table in the place, the service was tops, and the food was just as good as ever. Came away totally surprised. Apparently they are open for dinner (Thurs through Sat).

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it!
    It is one of my fave/regular spots...not one bad experience to-date.

    1. I've gone to Mercatto twice after being told that the wait at Terroni on Adelaide would be over an hour, and twice I've left satisfied. The food is great, the atmosphere is better for an intimate chat (it gets so loud at Terroni!), there is no attitude, and no line up! I think the pizza is swell as well.

      1. Mercatto was a regular 'spot' in the summer. I remember one time we ordered a bottle of red wine and some food, nothing out of the ordinary. The server took down our order and punched it into the system. The bartender (I think) quickly reviewed our order and walked over to our table. He mentioned that the bottle of wine that we ordered was an iced wine (shows what we know about wine) and told us it wasn't what we wanted to order. We agreed and he suggested a bottle of red wine, what we had originally intended. I have never experienced something like that before and I highly recommend Mercatto to everyone.

          1. re: likescrab

            One of my favourite lunch spots. Good for early morning coffe too.

            On Bay just north of Adelaide
            330 Bay
            15 Toronto St
            110 College

            1. re: Mila

              The College location is open yet. Planned for early '09, I believe.

              1. re: gregclow

                Hmm, yes, the College location is planned inside the MaRS building, but given the current economic crunch, who knows what will happen? And also given the halt on MaRS phase II development, we may be waiting even longer...