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Dec 1, 2008 03:25 PM

Dessert for company holiday party

Hello All:

Last year, we brought in our own desserts: 2 tarts from City Bakery and 2 cakes from Viktor Bene's. I'm content with going back to those places but thought I'd ask the hounds if they had other suggestions.
The tarts, if I recall correctly, were raspberry and lemon. Delicious.
The cakes were chocolate. I think one was cake and the other mousse. Both were amazing.
Our office is in Culver City and the party is in Marina Del Rey. But, we have staff coming in from all over so if you have a great bakery to suggest that isn't right here, chances are we can still pick it up.
We'll have 75 guests so we can pick up a few items.
It's not a dinner this year but appetizers and an open bar emphasizing wine. The boss likes his grape juice so those bottles will be in the $40-$80 range.

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  1. Not expensive but extremely delicious and fairly light, the strawberry whipped-cream cakes from Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown were always a hugely popular and successful hit for our office parties downtown.

    1. I have still yet to try a better fruit tart then the one's at Porto's in Glendale. (Although I think they have other locations now)

      1. I think the strawberry whipped cream cake from a Chinese bakery is good, but would look a little too out-of-place for a company holiday party in Marina del Rey, with the red gel writing and almond slices on the side.
        You'll probably want to balance looks and taste. Susina Bakery has been recommended many times over, their goods are attractive, and always tasty. But it is not cheap.
        Porto's cakes and fruit tart look great, they're tasty (maybe not as refined as Susina) and also a great price.
        You could go cupcakes (do a board search) but that gets pricey, hard for one person to pick up 75 on their own, and having a selection of large cakes looks classier as opposed to a huge table of trendy cupcakes.

        I'm not familiar with the Westside, you can easily do a search. Here's a sample:

        1. If you have people coming from all over including the West Valley you could get items from Patries by Edie. They make dozens of different small pastries and you could get an assortment or get fewer larger ones.

          In West LA you could get desserts from La Mousse. They also deliver.