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Suggestions near the Old Town School of Folk Music?

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Wondering if anyone has dinner suggestions near the Old Town School of Folk Music located at 4544 N. Linconln Ave. in Chicago. Don't know the neighborhood and looking for a great place to have an early dinner. Very adventerous diners who love ethnic foods of all types. Thanks!

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  1. You're in luck as there's a LOT of good places to eat around here (my neighborhood). I'm zeroing in, though, on your comment about being very adventerous diners who love ethnic foods - and suggesting that you treat yourself to Spoon Thai. IMO one of the best Thai restaurants in the Chicago metro area (just . . . can't . . . type . . . Chicagoland). Ask for the translated Thai menu (aka "the secret menu", though it's hardly secret really).

    Spoon Thai Restaurant
    4608 N Western Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
    (773) 769-1173

    1. That stretch of Lincoln Avenue just south of Lincoln Square has a lot of good places. Bistro Campagne ( www.bistrocampagne.com ) is an excellent French bistro, and Fiddlehead Cafe ( www.fiddleheadcafe.com ) and Tallulah ( www.tallulahchicago.com ) are also worth considering. All three are right on Lincoln within a block of the Old Town School. (FWIW, I haven't been all that impressed with Spoon Thai - not that it's bad, just that in my experience it's no better than dozens of other Thai restaurants around town.)

      1. Throw a rock and eat where it lands. Many good choices. Tank, about a half block down, is great for sushi. The previously-mentioned Bistro Campagne is a couple of doors away from Tank. Los Nopales is a very good Mexican place about 1-1/2 blocks away. Spacca Napoli is a bit farther, about 6 blocks, but if you're driving it would be my first choice. In any case, the Old Town School is probably the best music venue in town. Enjoy the show.

        1. I would recommend Chalkboard. They have wonderful seasonal cuisine which changes with the chef's mood, which I would describe as contemporary American with traditional influences. I had a decent experience at Fiddlehead also, and would go back for the wine flights, but I would plan for the possibility of slow/poor service.

          1. Strong seconds to both Bistro Campagne and Spoon Thai. Tank sushi also very good as are Fiddlehead, Tulullah's and Chalkboard.

            Have a great evening.