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What Can I Do With This Pineapple?

While down at my in-laws this weekend, I rescued a fresh whole pineapple from a sure trip to the dumpster. Now I don't know what I can do with it...or even how long it will live.

So what can I do with my new-found treasure?

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  1. slice it, wrap the slices in bacon, sprinkle with brown sugar and bake until the bacon is done. Oh so ridiculously good.

    1. I was gonna say make a fruit salsa w/ red onion, jalapeno, etc., but the bacon thing has me beat by a mile!! Adam

      1. A treasure indeed!!!! Great ideas from tzurriz & adam. Also -grill 'em with brown sugar & make an upside-down cake on the stove. Blend with fruit and milk for a delicious shake. Blend with coconut milk & add rum - pina colada time! Make a Hawaian pizza - diced pineapple and ham. If you like Spam, it goes great with that too.

        1. Hi,
          Found this link for you with 40 recipe's had to be something in here that you might like.
          Good luck! (smile)


          1. Slice, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and lime juice. Then eat.

            1. Skin it, put it on the rottisserie on your grill, baste it with a mixture of brown sugar, pineapple juice, a touch of ginger and brandy... when it gets dark from the caramelized sauce, remove and slice and top with some good vanilla ice cream. Warning!--highly addictive.....

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                I do a version of this! I marinate my pineapple slices in dark rum, vanilla bean, brown sugar and whatever else catches my eye. Take it out, pat dry, grill.

                A friend and I earned several pounds one day discovering that the marinade could be added to butter and turned into a caramel, which we them proceeded to eat with the fruit. MMMMMMmmmmmmm.

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                  i third this idea- i use dark rum and brown sugar, along with some cinnamon. cut the pineapple in long wedges, marinate at least an hour, then and grill. great hot or cold

              2. After cutting him up, put the inedible parts (core, eyes, etc.) in 2 cups of vodka....Let it soak for a few hours....Strain and enjoy the pineapple infusion

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                  That is a brilliant idea! I may have to go find a fresh pineapple just to try this out! Do you mix anything else in with the pineapple vodka for a mixed drink of sorts, or keep it neat?


                  1. Besides roasted or grilled pineapple which is delicious, I love to use fresh pineapply to dip into chocolate fondue. I find it sooooo much better than the strawberries!

                    1. Honestly, I would just cut it up and eat it plain.

                      1. If you don't want to eat it right away, peel, cut out cores and dice. Freeze on plastic lined cookie sheet, when frozen, store cubes in freezer bag. Add frozen cubes to food processor, some sugar or a little alcohol (not much more than 1 T), process until mushy. Freeze mixture and you have fesh pineapple sorbet. Stores well in freezer for couple of weeks.

                        1. If you have any leftover bits that don't get wrapped in bacon <grin> you can chop them fine and put them in your next pot of rice; especially if you use a can of coconut milk instead of water to cook the rice in. Very Indonesian/Hawaiin.

                          1. There's a recipe in Vegan Planet cookbook for banana split bread which calls for some pineapple, or include some in smoothies. Pineapple upside-down cake made in cast iron. Or with sweet potatoes...

                            1. Bacon-wrapped baked slices sounds sinfully good! ( I should have known...everything is better with bacon!)

                              Thanks for all the great ideas, everybody!!

                              1. As part of a kabob, on pizza, plain with cottage cheese.....

                                1. You mean other than eat it fresh? Slice off the skin, cut out the core, dice it up and serve. Yum!

                                  1. lots of recipes but just eat it as is. Pineapple is wonderful

                                    1. Here is a web page tells you 54 kinds of recipes you could do with pineapple.

                                      1. If it is really ripe and delish, trim, process, portion, and freeze = pineapple sorbet.