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Dec 1, 2008 02:49 PM

Nasty Experience

This morning I took my Mother out for breakfast after a very early Doctor's appointment (7am). The only restaurant in the vicinity was a little diner on Laird Drive call Leonard's. The place was open, but completely empty. I was carrying a take-out coffee I'd purchased at the Medical Clinic's coffee shop, which I had barely started.

We were greeted by the manager when we entered. I apologised for the take-out coffee, but promised to order a restaurant coffee with my breakfast. He didn't seem to have a problem with this. When the waitress came, she immediately informed me in a most hostile way that outside food was "not allowed". I apologised again, said I was aware of this and tried to tell her that I would order a coffee from her, but she interrupted me getting more agitated. After being told no less than 5 times that this was "not allowed!" she told me to give the coffee to her...and she would give it back to me when we were finished our meal!

I was incensed, but my Mother (77 yrs old, not very mobile but super hyper sensitive) was becoming upset by the conflict. It wouldn't have been reasonable for me to drag her somewhere else in a fit of pique (although I certainly would have had I been on my own), I gave the server my coffee cup and we got on with ordering and such. The server remained hostile in the extreme, and our breakfast was entirely miserable.

No matter what the excuse, this is intolerable behaviour from a server.

The place is called Leonard's....don't go there.

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  1. Welcome to the board.
    In any case, at the onset of this server's hostility, would it not have been logical to ask for the manager? You did clear the "take out" coffee with him and he would have more than likely over-ruled the server's agitated behaviour.

    1. You should have thrown the coffee at her. It's too bad you couldn't leave and go somewhere else, they don't deserve your business.

      1. Wow, many times over. First, a doctor's appointment at 7am! But never mind, not relevant.

        Wow, Leonard's is even open so early? I've driven by countless times and just assumed it was a lunch and dinner kind of place.

        Wow, the insensitivity of the server to your situation with your mother and outside coffee - not great customer service.

        Wow - this place has been around forever! What keeps them going?

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        1. re: JamieK

          Yeah you right....I guess they just don't care anymore. And we were obviously "new" customers too! I just don't get it.

          Oh, and the Dr.'s appt; he actually starts at 6am! Great guy even for an early riser.

          1. re: hungry_raven

            Because you were advised you could bring foodstuff in to the restaurant, you should have been allowed to do so.
            Most restaurants will not allow this for health regulations though.

            1. re: hungry_raven

              What did you order, and what was wrong with it?

              1. re: Snarf

                Dutch Toasted Westerns with home fries. They were luke warm, bad processed cheese not only unmelted, but actually cold....not homefries, but some deep fried potato wedge-type thing, of which there were exactly 4 on each plate.

                1. re: hungry_raven

                  The level of poor service in this city never ceases to amaze me. Wait staff and bartenders seem to think that they deserve a 15% gratuity just for showing up....and me an out of work bartender....

                  1. re: hungry_raven

                    Thanks for that. I live in the area, and have driven past but never tried. Am curious what the draw is for the place, as it does have some longevity. Maybe the other times of day work better.

                    1. re: Snarf

                      We had a breakfast there once and only once. I can't say the service was bad it was more the atmosphere. The place reminded me of a nursing home!! I don't even know why, it just did. I got creeped out there and have never been back. And the food was nothing special, that's for sure.

                      1. re: Snarf

                        I've had the schnitzel there a couple of times. It's actually not too bad and the service was always reasonable, but what the OP experienced makes me re-think the whole place.

              2. Did she give you back your cold coffee after your meal? I hope you left her a generous tip.

                You showed quite a bit of patience, especially with your frail mother by your side. But I would've asked for the manager after the second time she told me about the no outside food policy ... but then again my patience runs pretty low with my 2 small kids in hand.