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Dec 1, 2008 02:46 PM

ISO: Pasta Bowls

I'm looking for real pasta bowls--not overgrown soup plates. My old ones were from Cost Plus, large white rimless bowls. Any suggestions?

I've been on ebay, Amazon, etc. Slim pickins'.

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  1. Have you looked in Crate and Barrel? They usually have basics like that.

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    1. re: cheesecake17

      These are our bowls from C&B. We find them to be the perfect size for pasta. The one drawback, however, is they don't fit very well in our KitchenAid dishwasher if you have to wash more than a couple at once. We also have a couple of the huge matching serving bowls.

    2. Idee, I'm looking for pasta bowls, too, and right now I'm considering Emile Henry's. Here's a link to a pic for you:

      EH has offered them in a couple of the different lines, and I think in two sizes (besides the larger serving bowl).

      I had a pretty set of no-name pasta bowls, but tossed them because they were made in China and I had no guarantee that the glaze was lead-free. That's one of the things I like about EH; made in France without lead. I've seen them offered at diverse prices, so if you're interested, look around carefully online.

      I also like EH because it can go in the oven at high temps, so I figure I could use these to make pot pies, individual casseroles or baked desserts, etc. Or when it's just hubby and me for dinner, if the kids are out, baked dishes for two. I believe in Alton Brown's principle of avoiding single-purpose equipment like the Plague!

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      1. re: Steady Habits

        Thanks, Steady. I have the EH with rims, and hadn't seen these. Alton can stuff himself--I'll never give up my kulich tins.

        And no, Crate & Barrel and other mass merchants don't stock plain old pasta bowls. The low-carb people have them convinced.

        1. re: Ideefixed

          LOL re Alton and the kulich tins. [I also believe that every rule needs its exception. :-) ]

          So, while we're on the topic, do you *like* the EH with the rims for other purposes(understanding that you're also looking for rimless)? I'm awaiting the delivery of an EH 12" pie plate, which I figure I can also use for small roasting, etc., and I'm interested to see how it will compare in use to LC and one Portmeirion baker I have which puts the nicest crust on baked goods...

          1. re: Steady Habits

            I'm sorry-- I didn't come back. I like the rims for soup and stews, and since they go in the over, I can put a biscuit topping on soup and bake it, too.

      2. Fishes Eddy in NYC has these soup bowls that are perfect for pasta.

        Here is the link to the bowl and here is a better picture, the bowls are in the middle

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        1. re: KTinNYC

          Those look like the antique ironstone bowls I've been collecting. I've bought them anywhere from antique shops to yard sales to flea markets. They're large, heavy and imposing. There are the service plates too...and the funny thing is each varies a little bit in size even though I have some from the same maunfacturer. Of course, they're used for foods other than pasta, too. I love the way they look against a dark tablecloth.

        2. We use the Ikea Dinera bowls. They're $2.99 each and also come in white, which the web site isn't showing. They're great for pasta, stews, and other saucy dishes.