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Dec 1, 2008 02:33 PM

broken-hearted pizza lover needs help: Vito's to Rocco's (on Vermont)

alright people, i need some help.

i loved vito's. i mean i really loved vito's. i stumbled across it when i was taking a class at LACC several years ago and the unassuming Vermont Blvd storefront drew me in. the luscious and amazing pizza, friendly folks and casual atmosphere kept me coming back. I've never had pizza like that before or since.

so i keep going past this new "rocco's" joint that vito's has become and i can't really get myself to go in and try it out. does anyone know:

1.) the story. why did vito's close even though everyone loved it? is rocco's any relation to vito's?

2.) the pizza. how is it?


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  1. Don't know about rocco's, but I'm pretty sure Vito's is still around but just moved to West Hollywood, where they still indeed serve great pizza

    1. Not sure about Rocco's either, but Vito's is definitely still around.

      Vito's Pizza
      846 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

      1. Rocco's is okay. They have a few specialty pizzas which I like. The white pie is pretty good and they have these pasta pizzas, penne with vodka sauce or fettuccini alfredo, which are a full pasta dish, covered with cheese on a pizza crust, which are fun. Overall, though, their crust is too bready and the toppings are sparse on the regular pizzas.

        I also like their various hot subs: meatball, chicken cutlet, etc. It's the style that's ubiquitous in the east coast, but tough to find here.

        Personally, my favorite pizza joint in the vicinity is Village Pizza on Larchmont.

        1. IIRC, Vito's closed because he got into a dispute with the landlord regarding an expansion/remodeling plan.

          The new Vito's on La Cienega is certainly worth the trip!

          1. The new Vito's is better and worse in the following ways:

            1. The kitchen was re-built to Vito's desires. When he's there, it's distinctly better than the old.

            2. The place has gotten more successful, and he's there less often, and his other chefs are variable. Some are almost as good as he is, some are less good.

            So the story: it's variable. When he's there, it's pretty much one of my favorite places in L.A. When he's not... sometimes it's great, and sometimes it's less great, though still good.

            When he's there, the calzones slay.

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              Vito does make the pizza dough every morning, whether he stays there the whole day or not. Even when he's not there, I think Vito's is the best pizza in town. And it's more than just pizza. He makes the best eggplant parm sandwich ever and a great meatball sandwich to boot. I ditto the calzones. and don't forget his canolis