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Dec 1, 2008 02:13 PM

Need A Restaurant Suggestion For Special Occasion

My boyfriend and I recently got engaged and his parents would like to take us out to dinner. The only specification I received from them is that the restaurant be "really nice and special". At this point I'm pretty open to any suggestions, I've been racking my brain and can't come up with anything that seems just right. I'm thinking a steakhouse or french restaurant, maybe? Ideas?


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  1. Do you have the sense of any budget restrictions? I have a couple of ideas, but that would be useful to know.

    1. In the very expensive range, I would choose Picholine. For something more reasonable but still special in terms of food and comfort, Compass, Olana or Convivio.

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        Jean Georges is wonderful and a perfect restaurant to have a special occasion meal.

      2. Gordon Ramsay at The London Hotel is a great special occasion spot.

        1. i think picholine would be a great special with the parents occasion spot. EMP also strikes me as such a spot - flawless in most regards, and artful, but still comfortable.

          Though, I do agree with MMRuth that some budgetary guidelines and a sense perhaps of other places you've enjoyed in the past might be helpful for other options.

          1. I went to the bar room at the Modern in the MOMA this summer and just loved it! The food was excellent, the decor was stunning and the service was perfect. You could try the dining room experience with the view being the sculpture garden. By the way, if you have seen Sex and the city the movie, this is where Carrie announces to her girlfriends over lunch that she is engaged. It is a very special place....I am sure you will love it!