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Dec 1, 2008 01:58 PM

Where to take 10-12 people for a fun dinner in downtown Manhattan

Hi everyone. I was hoping to tap the board's expertise to help me with a work-related social event I am setting up. Here are the guidelines:

- Open to cuisines and eating style (i.e., sharing or not, small plates style or not, etc.)
- $100/person inclusive of tax and drink (we are not big drinkers)
- Young group, favor some place that's a little more casual and fun rather than refined. Willing to sacrifice a little on food quality for the overall scene
- Invitees are relatively new to New York - so less jaded then the average chowhound and more easily wowed perhaps :)
- Downtown preferred....e.g., E/W Village, Nolita, Soho, Tribeca, Chelsea, etc.

Any estimate as to the difficulty in getting reservations would be helpful as well.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Chinatown brasserie might fit the bill; if you're not big drinkers you should be ok with your budget.

    1. This sounds like the perfect Balthazar moment to me.

      1. I just went to Macao bar. The food was great. Really great scene (not uptitty but really fun). The drinks were also really good.