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What else are we missing at McDonald's?

I'm talking about regional specialties that are not part of the regular McDonald's menu.

A friend of mine just brought back from Hawaii about a dozen haupia pie made by McDonald's.

What's a McDonald's haupia pie, you ask?

Well, think of your normal Mcdonald's baked apple pie, but instead of apples, it's filled with haupia, and instead of baked (ick!), it's deep-fried!

For those unfamiliar with haupia, it's essentially cocunut custard (that has the moutfeel and consistency of jell-o ... can life get any better??

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  1. We in Wichita/SC Kansas haven't had a decent special item/regional specialty in years. When Barry Sanders was still playing in the NFL, we had a Barry Sanders burger which was a double cheeseburger with bacon and barbecue sauce added. And they tried out Johnsonville brats and a cheddar melt quarter pounder, which I don't know if those were regional or national. But we don't even get the McRib anymore here. So I don't really eat there much anymore, unless they put out a speciality item.

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      Interesting. What's the connection between Barry Sanders and Kansas?

      Sanders played for the Cowboys (at Stillwater), and then for the Lions in Detroit.

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        He grew up and played high school football in Wichita. His family still lives here, they've named a road after him, I think.

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        McRib has been spotted in Kansas City, MO. Maybe it's on your way. :)

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          That's okay though, you have Nu Way Cafe. I have been craving a Nu Way for years, but I cant get myself to drive up to Kansas just for a Nu Way

        2. McDonald's in Hawaii also serves saimin. It used to be pretty good, too, had the fishcake and everything. That's not as portable, but it's worth ordering when you're in the islands.

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            I remember those, but it reminded me too much of Marukan instant noodles. Didn't Hawaiian McDonald's also have at one time spam and fried rice?

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              Mc Donald's Hawaii also has Portuguese Sausage, Rice, and Eggs for breakfast.

            2. Veggie Burgers when I was in Vancouver, Canada. Lobster Rolls in Boston.

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                Lobster Rolls in New Hampshire too.

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                  What does a McDonald's lobster roll taste like?

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                    Being someone that has never had "real" lobster, I thought it was like a very mild tuna. I'm not really very big on seafood so probably not the one to trust on this. :)

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                      It comes on a hot dog bun with lettuce and the lobster was too cold for me. I had one in Maine a day after I paid $12 for one in Freeport. The McDonald's one was $6 ( this was three years ago) and I have to admit, wasn't that bad.

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                    Sigh. For years I used to say that McD's burgers were tasty, but they tasted like nothing but condiments. The "100% American beef" ad campaigns were wasted on me - I would be happy with 100% American soy, because all I was tasting was ketchup and mustard and onions and pickles. Or so I thought, until I visited Vancouver and got a McD's soyburger. Yuck. Cardboard. Even with the condiments. I guess the beef, or at least the grease, had more to do with the flavor than I thought!

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                      Nah, it's not that either. I don't eat meat, and McDonald's veggie burger is the worst out there, especially with that gloppy weird bbq-ish sauce they over coat it with. Plus the burger itself always tasted as if it was microwaved to me.

                      A veggie burger can actually be pretty good if it's cooked properly and has the right condiments.

                  3. My wife still tries to hunt down McD's that still deep fry their apple pies, instead of baking them. Not too many left, but we all agree that the deep fried ones deserve 1) respect (they're freakin' hot!!), and 2) adoration as an essential sugar/fat gut bomb. Baked ones? Feh.

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                      Have you tried asking to have a pie fried? As long as you are willing to wait the cook time, I don't see why they would refuse. Except the typical laziness of course.

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                          If you have a Whataburger near you (a Texas-based chain that has several Central Florida locations, and probably elsewhere too), they serve fried apple pies just like the old McDonald's ones.

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                            I would imagine it's more of an oil issue than anything. I can't imagine what a pie cooked in fry oil would taste like.... We do really try hard not to mix oils (especilly the fish oil.... if something even touches that stuff I waste it).

                            We usd to be able to get Pumpkin Pies around here a few years back. I tried to order some year before last and couldn't even find it from our supplier.

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                            I know exactly why they would refuse... the slits in the top of the pie. The filling leaks out, and a deep fryer is not fun to clean.

                        2. As previously illustrated, the best stuff are the Hawaii specialties. This is the only place where I'm excited to see what McDonalds has to offer, if only just for the novelty. Somehow, I forgot this the last time I visited the islands, as I didn't visit McDonalds once. Oh well. I'll check next time.

                          1. I'm not sure how regional it was but in TO we had McPizza.

                            Mrs. Sippi said she'd never heard of McPizza.


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                              I remember McDonald's in the US having pizza in the early 90's, but it wasn't very successful. Also remember reading an article in the WSJ around 93-94 about how unsuccessful it was in the US. They were going to take it off the menu in the US, but leave it on the menu in Canada because it did well in some markets there, particularly in smaller markets where pizza was less available.

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                                And I gotta be honest. It was pretty decent.


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                                  They should've made the pizza with their special sauce. A pizza topped with ketchup and thousand island dressing could actually work ...

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                                    BJ's Brewhouse does something similar to this with their cheeseburger pizza that I have since attempted to recreate at home.

                                    The base is a mixture of ketchup and mayo. And the topping is a criss-cross of thousand island (which is really just what the Big Mac special sauce is... sort of).

                                  2. re: Davwud

                                    I have to second that emotion. Granted I was very young at the time but i LOVED McDonalds pizza. The pepperoni was very yummy and flavourful and the crust oh so crispy. I still crave it every once in a while even though they probably haven't had it in a good 15 years or something!


                              2. The McDonalds down here in northern Maryland used to have a crab cake sandwich.

                                1. When I was living in Italy last year I remember seeing ads for a "Tirolese" burger, featuring onions and Speck (Tyrolean cured, smoked ham). I never got around to trying it.

                                  1. McDonalds here in Montreal (and the rest of the province of Quebec, Canada) serve poutine! that's right. poutine. (for those who are unaware of this local dish, it is fries covered in gravy and squeaky cheese). The McDonald's version is absolutely not the best around (salty, frozen fries are not the way to go with poutine...), but someone must like it...

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                                      Poutine and Montreal bagels might be reason enough for me to move to Canada.

                                    2. I saw a McLaks at the McDonald's by the seafront in Oslo - laks is the Norwegian word for salmon. Yup, a salmon patty.

                                      1. Some Mickey D's, that are open 24/7, have a 'super big mac' which they offer in the late hours. This thing is huge, I mean made with two 1/4 pounder burger patties.

                                        1. the greentea milkshakes and koroke burger sold at mcdonald's in japan aren't shabby at all. the koroke burger's basically a mashed potato burger -- much better than it sounds.

                                          i saw advertisements for, but didn't have a chance to try, a burger with a pressed rice bun in hong kong.

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                                            The 100円 chocolate-filled chocolate croissant things were a guilty pleasure!

                                          2. mcdonalds will sell all kinds of food but never hotdogs. wierd right? are hot dogs the anti hamburger?

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                                              maybe some one from mcdonalds can answer the hot dog question for me? it's been driving me crazy since i was 4 years old! why ? why won't you sell hot dogs?

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                                                Here in TO when the Skydome first opened, the concession rights were sold to McDonalds.
                                                Which served hotdogs.


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                                                  Hot Dogs - In his 1977 autobiography CEO Ray Kroc prohibited the company from selling hot dogs, regardless of potential demand, as he regarded them as unhygienic; however, hot dogs were introduced in the late 1990s at some midwestern located stores (at the option of the franchise-holder) as a summer item. UK Stores sold Hot Dogs during the late nineties on the McChoice menu (later PoundSaver). Also, at least one American restaurant offered Oscar Mayer hot dogs at some time, and McDonald's locations at Toronto Metro Zoo and SkyDome in Toronto offered hot dogs until 1999. In Tokyo locations hot dogs were available in 2001
                                                  From the wiki link posted

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                                                    One of the things Ray Kroc also mentions about Hot Dogs is that it's hard to really control quality (Think about it, it's really the garbage parts of animals for the most part). Now, the owner/operater really has the final say in what is served for additional items like this.

                                                    Had to read his autobiography for management training... it's actually somewhat interesting.

                                                2. re: mrporkbelly

                                                  i definitely remember hot dogs at McDonalds few years ago. They were big ones... I never had one, though, and they did not last long on the menu.

                                                3. I loved the McPepper burger in Singapore. Look at this list of all the regional stuff they do around the world. Wow, lobster rolls in Canada and New England ???


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                                                    We've fixed this link -- the software does indeed cut off that final parenthesis, since so many people put their URLs in parenthesis when they post them, and leaving it on then breaks all of theirs. You can work around that if you need the parenthesis at the end by doubling it up.

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                                                      I had a lobster roll in Nova Scotia this summer. It was about 6 dollars and pretty gross!!

                                                    2. As a pretty well-seasoned traveller, where possible I make it a point to stop in a McD while traveling, if for no other reason than to gawk at the menu.

                                                      My favorite experience was actually at the McCafes in New Zealand; they had these pastries that were like graham-cracker crust with caramel and then a thick layer of chocolate. SERIOUSLY tasty.

                                                      My least favorite has been the Kosher McDonalds in Buenos Aires (the only one outside of Israel). The burger was utterly disgusting ... even more so than the regular one I tried across the way on the other side of the food court.

                                                      1. The McD's in Bucharest had a "Greek" theme going on. This was a few years ago, and I didn't try the "Greek"-ish burger, because I wanted to taste a Royale with Cheese in Romania. It was better than I remembered a Quarter Pounder tasting here in the US. The place was gigantic and packed to the gills with people. It was also fairly expensive as fast food goes. Ketchup came in a little container similar to the sauces for McNuggets here. It cost about $1 for one ketchup. :P

                                                        1. When my sister and I go out to Santa Fe to visit my dad he will often skip out on dinner with us and typically asks for us to bring him something back. Last year we brought him two green chile cheeseburgers from McDonalds! Lol, he still bitches about that. Even tho I was stuffed from a fab dinner at La Boca, I still managed to take a bite of his burger...a definite improvement, kinda.

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                                                            i see the mcrib is back here in oklahoma. I'll have to stop in for nostalgia sake

                                                          2. Rice and spagetti with a sauce that is basically ketchup in the Philippines.

                                                            1. Recently I stopped at a McD's while out west (Indiana, I think) and saw Bratwurst on the menu, though I didn't buy it.

                                                              1. I also saw Crab Cakes up in either Maine of Mass....we don't have those here in N.J.

                                                                1. I still can't believe that biscuits aren't available in all U.S. Mickey Ds.

                                                                  1. The McVeggie Tika in India is pretty good. No beef is served but their veggie patties are spiced and quite tasty.