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Dec 1, 2008 01:23 PM

2 Nights in Atlanta ?

Mrs Crew wants to go se the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit at the High Museum and then take a tour of the Aquarium and possibly have a sip of 62 flavors of Coke. We'll going on the last weekend of the month between Christmas and New Years.
Staying at the Hilton Gardens near the Aquarium. I'd like to find a couple of nice spots near by for dinner. Prefer near hotel as it'll be a bit chilly and we're not familiar enough with Atlanta to drive all over. One really nice fine dining spot at least. Scouting out the French American Bistro and Table 1280 near the High Musuem. Any opinions on these 2 spots? Other ideas? Sushi? Alton Brown's place? Mary Mac's Tea Room?

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  1. Check out Peasant Bistro right next to your hotel.

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      And I forgot to mention that I do like Table 1280 and have enjoyed it each time I've been.
      It's a perfect location if you're at the museum.
      As for FAB, I was completely unimpressed when I went there about a year ago. It gets mixed reviews on this board.

    2. You might try La Pietra Cucina at 1545 Peachtree. Not open much for dinner and kind of a weird operation, but supposedly really good, not to mention it's where the chef from the upcoming Craft is keeping busy for now.

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        Side note - what do you mean the chef from Craft is cooking at La Pietra Cucina, I hadn't heard that?

      2. Does Alton Brown have a restaurant?

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          No, AB does not have a restaurant. Never has.

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            Aha. Yes I see from an old AJC article he used to be a videographer for rock groups and then in the mid 90s went to cooking school , thought up the idea for "Good Eats", marketed it to FN and the rest is pure spin.

            Any whooo... thanks of rall the suggestions everyone.

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              Take a look here for more specific restaurant suggestions if you want some different recs. There are folks there who peruse both here and A.C. boards (myself included) but you might get a more detailed list by searching around and reading in Atlanta Cuisine.

        2. Legal Sea Foods has recently opened a location on the first and second floors of the Hilton Gardens Inn that is directly across the street from the Aquarium. We had a great dinner there a couple of weeks ago.

          1. Great suggestions. Table 1280 might just wind up fitting the bill if it's late when we're finished at the High. Peasant Bistro's lamb tagrine sound fabulous. Mrs. Crew loves lamb and coucous. Legal Seafoods might also work if we're not wanting to venture out or the weather isn't cooperating.