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Dec 1, 2008 01:17 PM

Ann Arbor - Chinese

Are there any places in Ann Arbor to get bowls of soup noodles, as pictured in this link to a guide to soup noodles joints in Manhattan?

I'm gettin' hungry, so if you know of any places, please respond quickly. Thanks.

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  1. While not in Ann Arbor this is what your looking for...

    Not what I think your looking for...its what I know you are looking for :)

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    1. re: JanPrimus

      I was giong to suggest this too, but stopped because it's neither Chinese nor in Ann Arbor. It's worth the 15 min. drive out Ford Road, though--very fun place, and really satisfying on days like today. Go to Sheldon, hang a left, and look toward the back corner of the center.

    2. Sure. Nowhere as much as the variety you point to in the seriouseats blog; you'd need the scale of a Chinatown for that, For soup noodles in A2, I go to Great Lake on Carpenter and Packard, or to Chia Shang on Packard east of Stadium. The latter is now my favorite A2 Chinese restaurant. In it's current incarnation, it has an expanded menu with several authentic Shangainese and Sichuan dishes. I love their beef noodle soup for lunch.

      1. Thanks everybody. I've been to Great Lake, but not in a while, so I will check them out again. I've also been to Matsuchan and enjoyed, though I thought the broth I had was overly fishy tasting. I will go back and try again. Their menu is fairly extensive. I will also try Chia Shang.

        1. I've heard Chia Shang has soup dumplings on weekends,
          Is this true?

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          1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

            Yes, Chia Shang has soup dumplings. I think you can get them on weekdays as well.
            You'll find them towards the back of the menu (last couple of pages). Just order the ones with pork only. The soup dumplings with pork and crab aren't worth it. Enjoy, and please post your impressions for us 'hounds!

          2. We used to go to Hong Hua in Farmington Hills for wonton mein on weekends. It's a bit of a drive but the soup noodles are much better than anything you'd find in Ann Arbor (my parents are from Hong Kong and approved of the wonton mein and shuei gow mein).

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              I just checked out their online menu. For lunch, they serve something called Udon soup noodles, e.g., BBQ Pork Udon. I've never seen this word, "Udon". What does it mean? It looks like they have pan-fried noodles for dinner. This place looks like it's definitely worth the trip. Thanks for the tip. I didn't see wonton mein or shuei gow mein on the online menu.

              1. re: Summerfield

                I think they add a separate lunch menu on weekends. Weekdays, they mostly cater to the upscale American business lunch crowd. On weekends, they cater to the chinese/ chinese-american crowd, so the weekend menu may not be on the website. The head of the kitchen is from Hong Kong (via Toronto? Vancouver?) so we always got the Hong Kong style specialties (won ton mein). Fortunately, the weekend menu does have English translations, so you will have access to everything.

                Udon noodles are thick and fat (wheat based) so they are slightly chewy and doughy. Wonton mein noodles are very thin (also wheat based) and have a little egg in the dough, so they are a little springy. They are very delicate (I think they used to be made in house) so you want to eat them as soon as they get to the table since they will continue to cook and lose their prized springy texture in the broth as they stand. A large bowl comes with noodles, half a dozen won ton or shuei gow and some chinese broccoli. The braised beef with tendon noodles are also quite good.

                1. re: chococat

                  chococat, thanks for the elucidation. Looks like the time to go to Hong Hua is on a weekend.