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Dec 1, 2008 01:00 PM

El Camino Real

Is there any word on an opening date?

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  1. they are open! i went last night and i loved it! i started out with the veggie wings then got the BBQ seitan for my main. our waiter warned me that these were both very similar dishes before putting our order in, which they are, but that was OK by me cause they were both excellent. the wings have the sauce on them and ranch on the side, while the BBQ seitan has the BBQ sauce on the side and yummy grill marks on the seitan. i definitely recommend the spicy sauce over the sweet (which was a little too sweet-tomatoey for me). had some guac, too, with some very salty (good) chips. had a root beer float doused in rum for dessert. i think this place will finally fill the seitan void in my life leftover from when azure closed earlier this year. i'll be back soon and often.

    service is excellent too, by the way... chef and manager both stopped by to ask how things were, and our waiter was very attentive.

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        liberties walk in northern liberties (phila) - 1040 n 2nd st - across from its sister restaurant, bar ferdinand.

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          Were the veggie wings made with seitan, and how was it cooked- deep fried? Is it possible to get seitan crispy?

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            sorry, just saw this. you know, having never cooked with seitan i'm certainly not the expert, but i've definitely never had it crispy. yes, the veggie wings were made with seitan, but because the sauce was on them it was harder to tell how they were prepared... but i don't think they were deep-fried. if i had to guess i'd go with grilled then slathered in the sauce. i guess you can technically deep fry anything, but i wonder if deep-fried seitan would make for too heavy a dish? it's definitely a dense and filling food simply grilled.

            i went back two days after my first visit and definitely love that BBQ seitan (the one on the BBQ menu). the grill really brings out the perfect texture, and it only needs the tiniest bit of sauce (again, i went for spicy sauce).

            seriously... i know a vegetarian in a BBQ house sounds about as comfy as a fish out of water, but really... go try it out... so good.

    1. Was there Friday night. I like the place. It's casual, they have a decent tequila selection and the sandwich I ordered was really good. I ordered the wagyu briskett sandwich with spicy bbq sauce -(they serve the sauce on the side). The menu prices are reasonable and everything that I saw ordered by others looked very good. Recommend the Texas Tea (peach), very potent as well as a drink that tastes like orange creamsicle...I forget the name... Has TVs for sports /news buffs. I like!