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Dec 1, 2008 12:31 PM

Dinner for 14 in Clayton or STL area

I'd appreciate recommendations for a group of 14 for a celebration dinner. Price middle or upper middle. Private room would be a plus, if it doesn't require a huge premium.

Great food and something unique to St. Louis would be ideal, since these will be mostly out of towners.

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  1. Check out Cardwell's in Clayton. Private rooms, excellent food, good service.

    Cardwell's Restaurant & Bar
    8100 Maryland Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63105

    1. Cardwells would be okay but not my first choice. It's a great room but I haven't had the best meals there. I would suggest Araka if you want to stay in Clayton or the new Herbies in the CWE. I've had had great meals at both and they are great rooms. There is also Monarch in Maplewood and their new chef. He is doing amazing stuff.

      131 Carondelet Plaza, Clayton, MO 63105

      405 N. Euclid, St. Louis, MO 63108

      Monarch Restaurant
      7401 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63143

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      1. re: greggold

        Thanks, alan and greggold.

        I was also wondering about Schlafly's. It seems a bit unique for out of towners. How is the food and atmosphere? Is it very noisy? Which location would be better? We want the better location, but we are in Clayton.

        1. re: texnosh

          Araka and Monarch are both pricey, although very attractive spaces. Herbies may be a great choice based upon early notices, but they've just opened. Schlafly's is very informal, very good food, great local beer, but definitely on the noisy side.

          1. re: alan

            Thanks. Any recommendation on which Schlafly's is a better choice in terms of atmosphere and (lower) noise, and whether there's much of a difference between their two locations in STL?

            1. re: texnosh

              In its original configuration the Maplewood Schlafly's was impossibly noisy. I ate there recently, however, and I would now say it's the better choice in terms of ambiance and noise level. They broke up an oversized hall remiscent of a high school cafeteria into smaller spaces that are more conducive to conversation. The downtown location is a bit more raucous at this point.

          2. re: texnosh

            I have been really disappointed with both service and food at bottleworks the past 2 times I have been-the last time was just a couple of weeks ago. It can be noisy if busy. Definitely not a place to have a celebratory dinner in my opinion. Many better places to go unfortunately-I always want to like bottleworks, but it just seems like it needs a major overhaul in both the kitchen and the front of the house attitude.

        2. I would check out Citizen Kane's located in Webster Grove. I feel pretty strongly that 1 thing the midwest has going for them is meat, and this restaurant does beef and pork justice! their 22 oz 3 inch pork chop cooked to a nice medium well is one of the phenomanal entrees at this place. it's served with a very nice sweet horseradish sauce. My husband has had their ribeye twice, and it's amazingly good, with just the right amount of fat. entrees range from 16-32, but i assure you that is it WELL worth it. My husband and I aren't normally people that like to order steak because we've had too many mediocre meat experiences, but this was GOOD. no, GREAT.