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Dec 1, 2008 12:13 PM

Pimentin(spelling????) in Vancouver

Looking for friends up north for smoked Spanish paprika, believe it is called Pimentin(not sure of the spelling). Does anyone know where I can get some in the greater Vancouver area?

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  1. South China Seas Trading Co., Gourmet Warehouse, Urban Fare, and Bosa Foods will most likely have it.

    1. I noticed South China Seas on Granville Island had a sweet version and a hot version last week. I was going to buy as I see it in tons of recipes, but once I was standing in front of it I couldn't remember what I wanted it for and gave up in a tizzy of indecision over sweet vs hot.
      What are you using it in?

      1. I get mine at Les Amis du Fromage, they have lots of specialty stuff there.

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          not sure it even still exits due to construction but i bought mine @ the salty tongue

          1. I finally remembered to check my cupboards last night and yes it's the pimenton paprika that I have. I purchased it at Bosa. It wasn't very expensive at all, just under $5.