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Dec 1, 2008 12:12 PM

Casual good food in Woodland Hills

I will be staying at the Holiday Inn on Ventura Blvd between the DeSoto and Topanga Cyn exits off the 101, for most of this week. I will be very involved in a conference but mostly eating by myself and not much time for roaming far afield. Can anyone recommend good casual places where I will feel comfortable eating dinner by myself, and don't have to drive too far? Any cuisine is fine, but particularly interesting to me would be any Asian cuisine, pizza, brew pubs, Middle eastern ... jeez, did I leave anything out? Thanks, all!

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  1. Just to give you an idea of what's around, there is Soups. It's kind of a sports bar and restaurant. Also nearby is Hurry Curry. By way of disclaimer, I haven't tried these places yet, but I've driven by. I mention them because they are not, to my knowledge, chain restaurants. If you go west on Ventura Blvd. just before Topanga Canyon, there is a shopping center with a few restaurants. If I think of others, I will post them for you.

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    1. re: Kate is always hungry

      Hurry Curry is nowhere near Woodland Hills.

      Instead, I would direct them to Curry Up Café. I like it quite a bit, and it is run by a very friendly couple.

      Curry Up Cafe
      21912 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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        Thanks for correcting, I meant Curry Up, not Hurry Curry. Glad to know you like it. I hope to have the chance to try it soon.

    2. REDBALL PIZZA: On Topanga across from the Topanga Mall, one of the best pizzas in L.A., with a nice thin crust. You can order it by the slice.

      YANG CHOW: A chinese restaurant just down the street from Redball Pizza. Their Slippery Shrimp dish is great.

      RUTH'S CHRIS STEAKHOUSE: If you want to treat yourself to a nice steak dinner, the bar is very solo-dining friendly. It's in the Woodland Hills Promenade (where the AMC theater is), but you enter it from outside the mall off Owensmouth St.

      SIERRA'S: If you're in the mood for Mexican, check this place out. I believe it's at Canoga and Vanowen, but I'm not positive.

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        Didn't realize Yang Chow was a chain - used to go to the one in Pasadena and get that - very yummy!

      2. Pickwick's is a British style pub basically across Ventura. Can't speak for the food.

        You're not more than a few feet from several sushi bars.

        Brew pub: BJ's Pizzeria is known for their beer selection - it's a short drive up Canoga just before Victory. They also have deep dish pizza if you're into that. Not exactly quiet.

        Oh, yes, cheap and VERY casual (read, no atmosphere) Vietnamese can be found a few miles north, up De Soto just past Sherman Way, Northwest corner, in a strip mall: Bai Le Valley.

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          Second the Vietnamese, which is spelled BA LE VALLEY. Try the 1/2 chicken (I think it's called "barbecued chicken" on the menu) -- a great bargain. All of their soups are great, as are the Imperial rolls (fried egg rolls, served with lettuce leaves to wrap in and a plate of basil to add to the wrap).

        2. Sadly, Gorikee is gone from that strip mall at Ventura and Topanga (where the Ralph's is). But there's still Jerry's Famous Deli, an Indian restaurant and a Lousy Tokyo Sushi, I mean Crazy Tokyo Sushi, there.

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            Also in that strip mall, near the sushi place, is a pretty good Indian restaurant -- one of the few around with goat on the menu. Very good goat dishes, which for some reason they call "mutton."

              1. re: Phurstluv

                No, I asked specifically and they told me that it's goat. They also told me where they get their goat meat, but I have forgotten the answer .

            1. re: pezworld

              I wouldn't rec Jerry's Deli - not very good, unless you want chicken soup.

            2. Some places I've been to and recommend:
              Curry Bowl: Sri Lankan
              Hurry Curry: Japanese Curry
              Shibuya (Calabasas): Sushi
              Kings Fish House: Decent Oysters
              Shirin: Persian Food

              Where are you coming from? Will help with the recommendations.