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Dec 1, 2008 11:54 AM

Cyrus, Press, or the Farm at Carneros for 60th Birthday

Hello. It's my dad's 60th birthday and we're all meeting up in Sonoma for the weekend. They're from Oklahoma and not especially foodies, but we want it to be a special night. We've narrowed it down to three choices: Cyrus (they can only take us at 5.30, which seems on the early side), Press, or the Farm at Carneros.

Any help would be most appreciated!
Thank you!

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  1. Cyrus is clearly the best of your three choices, though if your Dad isn't a foodie, he may be outraged at the price. Have you considered The Farmhouse Inn in Forestville?

    Farmhouse Inn
    7871 River Rd, Forestville, CA 95436

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    1. re: Paul H

      Thanks. I haven't looked at the Farmhouse--but I'm paying, so price doesn't really matter (you only turn 60 once, right?)

      Perhaps Cyrus then? My only hesitation is the 5.30 reservation, because I wanted to do a full day of tastings. The next reservation time is 9pm, but considering we're staying on the coast, I'm afraid that might be too late to get home after.

      1. re: daroom

        I would go with Cyrus at 5:30. Most tasting rooms close at 5 p.m. anyway, and I think it's better to eat a big meal like that earlier. Then you can walk off some of that food and wine with a stroll around Healdsburg before you drive back to the coast.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Concur- @530, it's dark and almost all the wineries are closed for tasting. If you go for the full monty at Cyrus, the meal can run 4+ hours- when we did it last week, we were there until almost 1 am.

          Press is basically a nice steakhouse, so I figure people from OK would not be that impressed. Haven't been to the Farm.

          Where on the coast of Sonoma are you staying? Driving down the 101 from Healdsburg might actually be an easier drive back than across from Napa.

    2. I'd eliminate Farm, and include Farmhouse Inn in the choices.

      My vote would also be for's really something, and would expose your father to an amazing world.

      Press is a swanky restaurant but may not be special enough. Great steak there, but many other options also. I'm rather fond of the spinach, potatoes in duck fat, truffled mac 'n' cheese, and Kobe burger from there also.)

      Farmhouse Inn is lovely. I'd also consider Meadowood. But of everything
      you've listed, Cyrus is tops.

      1. Well we've hit a snag, in that 2 more people are coming now, so our party is now 8. Cyrus will only take us if we have a $2000 minimum in a private room (which I can't afford, sadly) and Farmhouse Inn only takes parties of 4 or less on Fridays. Any other recommendations? Thank you so much! I can't believe this can get so stressful!

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        1. re: daroom

          Meadowood is probably your best bet for wine country fine dining for a party of eight. It's a long ways from the Sonoma Coast, though.

        2. Skip Press. I did not have a good experience there at all. They said my beef was aged, but I seriously have my doubts. Really loud music, and for the price not worth it all

          1. Since you're staying at the coast (Sonoma Coast?), you might want to check out Eloise in Sebastopol. I can't offer a personal rec since I haven't been there yet, but here's the Place link, . Click on that, scan to the bottom for links to reports. Maybe someone can give us an update. The owners were sous chefs at NY's Prune.