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Dec 1, 2008 11:39 AM

Best dinner salad, PERIOD?

After the big T day, my nest meal out needs to be salad. It can be a big salad, with all sorts of bits, but It should be salad. What is the best?

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  1. Just an aside, but I've always judged a restaurant by the salad it serves. A great salad usually means a great meal will follow.

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      so where do you get great dinner salads

    2. I feel bad that no one has given a recommendation. I don't order salad's enough to make a recommendation. I know this is not very Chowish...but for what it's worth..I love the chinese chicken salad at The Cheesecake Factory. I know I'm gonna get creamed. :( But that is the only stand out salad that comes to mind. Here's hoping you get more imaginative advice.

      1. not sure where you're located or willing to travel to, but take a look at this thread- lots of possibilities, in various parts of town. Stanley's out in Sherman Oaks used to have pretty good salads,...i liked the vegetarian version of a chopped salad they'd whip together for me. The Dressing Room also gets good reviews.

        1. I really like the Pine Room salad at R+D Kitchen on Montana. It's not entree sized, though, it's one of the side orders. But it is very good.

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            The salads there are very good generally, as they are at all the Hillstone group restaurants. I really love the Newporter salad there and it's definitely entree sized.

          2. If you're looking for a big healthy salad, that includes more than a huge bowl of lettuce, I'd recommend California Chicken Cafe. I really like their salads because they have actual fresh veggies in them, tomato, broccoli, green pepper... plus chicken. Depending on your mood there are different salads with less than healthy additions as well, but the root of their salads are similar. My two favorite non healthy options are the crunchy pita croutons, and their chinese dressing -- both of which they'll go lite on, if you ask. Enjoy.