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Dec 1, 2008 11:17 AM

Fraser, Troy MI & nearby Suburbs

Looking for casual non-chain dining: breakfasts, barbeque, Italian, pizza, Chinese, really anything good and tasty. Many thanks!

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  1. If your looking in Troy...for breakfast/lunch I would suggest Recipes. It's on Crooks just south of 16 Mile/Big Beaver. Great food! If you like Indian, then try Ashoka on Rochester north of 16 Mile/Big Beaver. There are lots of good places I'm sure you'll hear from others.

    1. For pizza in Troy, Alibi on Rochester Road, a bit south of M59, is the best, IMO. It's a pretty good restaurant for casual overall, but lunch can be crowded.

      Vietnamese restaurants on John R (Madison Heights/Troy) are good but not exactly chock full of ambience.

      Frittata in Clawson is a good "fancy" breakfast place too. And Barb's Pasties, also in Clawson, according to my neighbor from the UP is the most authentic to be had around here, but again zero eat-in ambience.

      I agree with Grouper re: Recipes and Ashoka. Also Rangoli for Indian in Auburn Hills, which might be further away than you want to go.

      Are you including Royal Oak/Birmingham in your scope?

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        "Are you including Royal Oak/Birmingham in your scope?" Not sure where they are.

        There for a youth hockey tourney; hotel in Troy & rink in Fraser so lot's of back and forth. But I'd say anywhere w/in 10 - 15 minutes of venues & route works. Thanks again.

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              If you're at the Marriott in Troy then Recipe's is just around the corner. There can be a line on weekends, though. Just next to the ice rink in Troy is an Olga's Kitchen. Not bad food and certainly close to where you will be. My teenagers really like the food....greek inspired. There is a post on this site about it.

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            For casual options close to the Fraser hockey rink, Great Baraboo Brewing Co. is right up the road, at the corner of Utica and Moravian. I suggest that mainly for proximity (I'm picturing a ravenous hockey team :), as I haven't lived in the area for about 10 years so I can't vouch for the current quality. Standard casual fare, sports bar atmosphere (nice, but can be loud).
            Also, close by is Ping Hong -again, I haven't been there in a while but it is a well-established Chinese restaurant in that area. It's on Garfield Rd. just north of Moravian. You didn't mention bakeries, but the best gem I know of close to Fraser hockeyland is Vito's Italian Bakery, for cannoli or cassata cake. It's at the same intersection as Ping Hong, on Moravian east of Garfield Rd. We still stop whenever we are passing through.

          2. re: coney with everything

            I second the recommendation for Alibi. Best pizza, hands down. They also do a really good antipasto salad.

          3. i grew up in fraser. good family owned mexican place in downtown fraser called el charo's. 14 mile just east of garfield. love the salsa, puffy tacos, enchiladas, and botanas.

            baraboo has good beer, but i have not eaten there in 10+ years

            excellent bbq - lazy bones on groesbeck just north of i-696. its about a 10 minute drive from the fraser rink. note: it is carry out only. very close to dragon meade brew pub - maybe you can take your applewood smoked pulled pork in.

            old school clubby dinner place - mr paul's chophouse on groesbeck just north of 12 mile

            pizza in troy (where i live now) - alibi inn on rochester north of square lake road

            italian in troy
            - franco's (southern italian/scilian) on rochester half mile north of big beaver
            - picanno's (norther italian) right across the street
            - larco's (upscale chophouse) on big beaver between rochester and livernois

            in a pinch for a drink - kona grill kiddie corner from the marriott (beware - mediocre/overpriced seafood/sushi)

            sports bar with decent sports bar food
            - cj mahoney's on livernois just south of big beaver (1/4 mile from the marriott)
            - bailey's on maple betweek crooks & coolidge
            - joe kool's in front of the troy rink on big beaver & john r

            - mon jin lau on stephenson & maple is excellent upscale/fusion fare
            - kim's on long lake & livernois is old school almond boneless chicken & egg roll fare

            seafood - kruse & muer's on the corner of crooks & big beaver

            sushi - troy sushi cafe on maple between crooks & coolidge

            up and down big beaver you will find a number of chains: tgi friday's, champps, maggiano's, capital grill, morton's, ruth's chris, ocean grille (hot new cameron mitchell place), melting pot, hooters, buffalo wild wings, etc.

            good luck

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              You can bring Lazybones BBQ into Dragonmead....

              Thus making the worlds perfect spot...

              At least to me...

            2. Thanks for all the advice! Alibi was excellent. Recipes was mostly pretty good -- the cinnamon french toast was a 10, everything else was a 7 or 8. Unfortunately couldn't make Lazybones as much as I wanted to. Vito's Bakery wasn't bad but much more a typical bakery than I was expecting. By accident went to CJ's Country Kitchen, 16881 E 14 Mile Rd, Fraser at 6:45 AM and had an excellent gigantic 4 egg fresh vegatable omlette -- I added sausage to it. Not a place that you might otherwise go but it was close to the rink per my GPS. It was almost empty so the smokers sitting at the counter didn't bother us. Definitely a working man's place but that omelette was top notch.