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Dec 1, 2008 10:53 AM

CiCi's Pizza & Sonic ? Anyone

I keep seeing these commercial's for this place and it makes me so hungry! And what a price, problem is they show the commercial's nationally (like Sonic) and there all Hours or States away?

Why show it nationally when they aren't everywhere (there is not one in the state of NJ) And Sonic is like an hour away. Why waste the $ on advertising? drives me nut's

So anyone try CiCi's or Sonic? Especially CiCi's that one get's me every time I see it .

Any Good?? Worth a detour on our next road trip?

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  1. I've done both.

    I like CiCi's for their Mac N' Cheese pizza which I have successfully re-created at home. That being said, for I think just under $6 you get unlimited access to their "salad bar", "pasta station" and pizza buffet, including a soft drink. If your pinched for cash and quite hungry, it's a real deal. Bear in mind, I'm a college student, so your mileage may vary.

    Sonic is ho-hum for me. Nothing really excites me there. At the Sonic near my house in Central Florida, they do a happy hour from 2pm-4pm. All drink items are half off. Worth a trip if you're running errands and nearby.

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    1. re: kkachurak

      Any chance you would share your copy cat on that? My 2 little girls would love that~
      I am big on copy cat recipes. So if there is something you are looking for let me know may have it. There is a guy who does this recipe robot for $ but before he started to charge he sent MANY to me I saved. Let me know. Thanks!

      1. re: Rae2

        It's pretty basic, really.

        I get a generic ball of pizza dough from my local supermarket, lay it out, drizzle on a white sauce (any kind that you prefer will be fine) as a base and then top with a Mac n Cheese I made on the stove.

        Coming from college, this means I'll usually top with a Kraft product. I find the "Thick n Creamy" brand of Kraft Mac n Cheese works the best.

        Then throw on a pinch of oregano and shred some cheese of your choice. I'll do a a mix of cheddar and gruyére. Or maybe gouda.

        Bake 12 minutes at 450°F.

    2. Explanation I've heard for the Sonic ads is that it actually works out cheaper for the company to do a national ad buy than it is to but ad time on a local market by market basis.

      As for Sonic's food- good drinks outside the usual sodas, some interesting (and somewhat tasty) sides and soft serve ice cream, and pretty ordinary sandwiches.

      1. Cici's is about the only pizza buffet option we have left in this area, since Godfather's Pizza's almost completely out of the market. Some of the pizzas are decent (spinach alfredo, taco, deep dish sausage, buffalo chicken), some are little more than crust, a sprinkling of cheese and some stray toppings. They do let you order special pizzas from the buffet, which is nice if you don't mind waiting 7-8 minutes (I generally have a salad while waiting). However, our closest Cici's has changed from a make-your-own salad bar to pre-prepared salads (pasta, caesar, and another), which I'm not happy with.
        Sonic's got good breakfasts, cheap drinks from 2-4 p.m., good onion rings & tots, and sometimes a good deal on the foot-long chili dogs. I wish they still had the steak and pork tender sandwiches, though.

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        1. re: podunkboy

          Thanks, hear ya on the Godfather's, We had one here also that has been gone for yrs now, but what they did was put them in the Hess Gas stations in Central NJ, not the same but hey at least I can grab a personal here and there. I don't know if they done the same in other states?

          Well there is a CiCi's in or around Allentown PA .. So since you all say it is good, on my way out to visit my parents will take a little detour. I have to after there baitng me with there ad's on TV lol

        2. There are, at a conservative estimate, 1,865 threads about CiCi's.
          Here's one:

          My take? Kids love it. Go to fuel up and keep your expectations low. As podunkboy says order a fresh pizza from behind the buffet line. They'll make you pretty much whatever they've got.