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Dec 1, 2008 10:33 AM


All -

I saw a previous older post about Mac N Cheese, but thought I'd start another with my specific needs.

Looking for an AWESOME mac n cheese place in Northern Morris, Union, Bergen counties. Nothing fancy (or spicy, or anything) - it is for my kids (and me). Just good ol comfort MAC N CHEESE.

Any ideas?

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  1. I need to second this request. It is so hard to find good mac & cheese anywhere these days! Chris Rogge made a fantastic mac & cheese at CC's Barbecue Pit in Haledon, but that place closed several months ago. (I hope he reopens somewhere else!) Picnic in Emerson has good mac & cheese, but it is a bit on the "wet" site. (I prefer mine baked and dry!) As for any other places, I'm at an absolute loss. Please Chowhounders, give us some suggestions!

    1. BUMP. Really - no replies? Nobody?

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        It's not strictly a mac n' cheese joint - but Church's Kitchen in Vauxhall makes a tremendous version of the stuff. Soft and gooey and chewy and delicious. I always get at least a quart when I stop there to buy chicken...