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Dec 1, 2008 10:22 AM


Thinking of trying David Burke's new place in the next 2 weeks. Has anyone been?

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  1. Hasn't opened yet but I went to the pre-opening cocktail/hors d'oeuvres party tonight. Big raw bar. Lots of cool apps like mini latka/scallop/chorizo/quail egg=scallop benedict, snapper ceviche, hamachi and tuna tartare, crab cakes, lobster dumplings, giant prawns, oyster/quail egg shooters, oysters with corn and chorizo salsa, crab taquitos, foie gras and shrimp. Menu looks like a cross between BLT Fish and Milos. Cool place like a nautical Burke & Donatella in the old Zoe Townhouse.

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      YUM!!! Can't wait. We are going on the 18th. Wish I was there last night....thank you!

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        So...anyone made it for dinner?

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          I will be there this sat. night so I will report back after...

    2. Went last night and had one of the best NYC dining experiences in a VERY long time! Sat right away with our 8PM reservation at a beautiful table upstairs. The restaurant has a great ambiance and soothing effect. The service from minute one until we left was perfect from the busboys, to the top, some of the best service I have seen as of late. For appetizers we had the sashimi tasting, the taco tasting, the warm octopus and the dumplings. All were so flavorful and good. Main courses were the calamari mac and cheese (WOW), the orata, branzino and the snapper. Sides were the mushrooms, cauliflower, artichokes and of course the endless bread. Each persons food was so good, I think everyone's fork was in everyone elses plate. Then.....dessert. The apple tart is out of this world....the tree of cheesecake lollipops and the banana dessert. OMG!!!! This was one FANTASTIC night.

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        Wow sounds like a must try. Thanks for the info!

      2. Just came back from an amazing RW lunch at Fishtail. This is an ultimate RW lunch experience for me. tampura calamari and oysters with sweet chili sauce, swordfish (SO TENDER!) and frites, and finally coconut panna cotta layered with mango sauce, served in a martini glass that's topped with a clustered of pink tapioca and a thin cookie in the shape of a goldfish. Besides having fantasitc food w/ amazing presentations, service was impeccable- so attentive! Prob the best service I've had thus far in my dining experience. Wonderful to have such an awesome service during RW- FOR just LUNCH!! I can only imagine the service for dinner be the same caliber if not better! Highly recommended!!!!

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          I was there for their $20.09 prix fixe Sunday dinner and thought it was great. Loved the calamari mac and cheese and the fried calamari and oysters (yes, I know, lots of calamari!)

          The chicken was good- nothing outstanding. The desserts were both great - the warm donuts and hot chocolate, especially.

          A great deal for $20.09 on Sundays!