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Dec 1, 2008 09:20 AM

Last dinner in BCN?

Hi all,

I'm a student in BCN finishing up my term abroad. So far I have been/am going to within the next week to Paco Meralgo, Cinc Sentits, Tapac24, and Cal Pep. I have one dinner left on the 15th and want to spend it at an moderate/upscale restaurant that serves excellent Catalan cuisine and that will be 50 euros or less for a solo diner with an app,entree,dessert, +wine. Any suggestions?

Also, random paella question. Friends have recommended both Set Portes and El merendero de la mari for paella in BCN - any opinions either way?


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  1. 7 Portes, definitely! We were there about a month ago and had Javier as our server, and it was fantastic. I'd definitely use that as my last dinner. Here is a picture of us there.