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Dec 1, 2008 09:13 AM

Passion Fish in Reston

A group of 7 of us went this weekend. It was so excellent, my husband and I are going back this weekend. The meal started with crackers and a whitefish spread, which was delicious. Then the group had oysters, which I don't do, so I can't vouch for them, but everyone seemed to like them. Next we had appetizers. I had the peruvian ceviche, which I loved. It was very light and refreshing. My husband had the blue crab soup and my sister had the lobster bisque. I preferred the blue crap soup -- so smooth and creamy. The lobster bisque was good, but I've heard better elsewhere. (Sweet Basil, Vail, CO is the best ever.) My husband also had the tempura sushi, which was great with a kick of jalapeno. For the entree, I had the the filet Thai-style, served with a cucumber salad. yum. The fish was excellent, but the jasmine rice with the red-coconut style sauce, ordered on the side, made it perfect. My husband got the beef (grrr...we were in a fish restaurant! but he's getting fish next time, he promised!), but 3 people ordered the scallops and all liked it. my sister got a third appetizer as her meal -- the crab spring rolls -- and she said they were very crab-heavy. all in all, great meal -- can't wait to go back. and i already know what i'm ordering -- shrimp with avocado and the branzino.

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  1. Thanks for the report Zelda. Sounds as good as was expected. Though I'm curious about the aviance. Is it upscale dressy, or comfortable casual (like a GAR)?

    1. We also tried Passionfish with a group this weekend - a popular place!

      I second your opinion of the great food. We had oysters to start, which were some of the best I've ever had. Others in our group started with the crab spring rolls, which also got good reviews.

      For entrees, two of us had the lobster and loved it. One had crab cakes, which he reported were excellent. Another in our group had the arctic char, and she raved about it. The one downside was my husband's cioppino, which he didn't care for too much. He said that the seafood was cooked unevenly - shrimp were mushy, while the clams and mussels had not been cooked long enough to completely open. There were also clams and mussels that hand't opened at all.

      Desserts that were sampled were the donut holes and apple crisp, both great!

      I would highly suggest reservations, I think this place is going to get more and more packed as it's discovered. I had no problem getting in through OpenTable with just a few days' notice.