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Dec 1, 2008 09:11 AM

PIta Deli Whitby - Review

While I did find one mention of Pita Deli and some good words I thought they deserved a through Review and thumbs up.

This one of Whitby's treasures and well worth stopping into anytime you drive by on the 401 as it's right off the Thickson Rd. Exit. at NE the corner of Thickson and Champlain beside Don Cherry's.

Family owned and operated by the Zahid family, this small lunch counter Pita shop has VERY FRESH ingredients everyday and is a HUGE value. I eat here often as it is close to work and while often busy at prime times, the atmosphere is friendly, fun and worth a few minutes wait.

Chicken and Beef Shwarma, Falafel, Fatoush, assorted coldcut combo's, chicken and tuna salad all of which are HUGE and range from $5-$7 it's a bargain.

Yes I am giving this place a rave review as everytime I go here I am treated first class, as a person and as a friend, which is not what you get at the fast food dumps our society has sprung up at every major intersection and who are only interested in Corporate profits.

Final thing - If you like Hot sauce try theirs, but be warned it's VERY hot.


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  1. Hi thanks for the review, is the chicken white or dark meat do you know?

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      1. re: Sharktail

        that is excellent, theres a major shortage of white-meat shawarma in the GTA sadly..

        i can only name like one place, and its in Mississauga

        i know that dark meat is probably more traditional, but i like my chicken breast... dark meat is fatty and greasy

        actually, this reminds me, i should make a post about this subject

        1. re: duckdown

          One can cut the fat away, and the dark meat will still be a thousand times tastier than white meat.

          1. re: redearth

            hey to each their own... and i think white meat is tastier

            i also think lets you taste the marinade better (for me) and just all around prefer it.. so i disagree

            lots of the my favorite shawarma places i've tried in montreal or ottawa or whatever have been WHITE meat... it's surprisingly hard to find here in toronto.. i think the lebanese style of shawarma uses white meat, thats what i was told when i asked how so many places had delicious chicken breast around there

    1. Just a warning, while I love their falafels, their beef and chicken shawarmas are not traditionally spit roasted. They spice and bake their beef in a large baking pan and then individually portion and nuke it when it's ordered. The chicken is done differently, it is white meat but it's baked (or braised?) and then shredded and individually portioned and again, nuked on order. The beef is tasty but I've found the chicken bland and a tad dry. The falafels are great but are pre-cooked and wait for their order as well.

      When I first started going the folks that run the 5 Points Mall location showed me their kitchen and how they were hand trimming the beef so their version would have less fat. They said traditional shawarma is very fatty and they wanted to give people a healthier option. I've enjoyed the beef in the past it's just, different...... I'm not sold on the microwave though...

      Their fattoush salad is very nice and their garlic, tahini and hot sauces are fantastic. They seem to want to douse everything in tzatziki though which is beyond me.... The sandwiches are massive and I mean massive! The folks that operate both locations are wonderful people and seem to have developed a loyal following. The Champlain location is very small and can be difficult to find seating, the 5 Points Mall location is much roomier.

      Falafel with fattoush:

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      1. re: Dr Butcher

        I have been going to the Pita Deli for years, actually since they first opened their doors and I worked in a factory around the corner. The owner is fantastic - remembers pretty much everyone after a couple visits. lunch times can be very busy there and there are not a lot of seats. Well well worth the visit.