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Dec 1, 2008 09:06 AM

Cerulean Restaurant and Sushi Lounge, Winona Lake, Indiana

Remarkably, this restaurant provides fresh, delicious sushi, pastas and tapas right smack in the middle of Winona Lake, Indiana. The restaurant has a clean, fresh, young vibe, but people of all ages pack the place in. The food is light, completely fresh and attractively served. Great attention is paid to the wine and beer lists, and the service is excellent.
The catering branch of Cerulean, Flying Fish Catering, is equally superb.
The prices for all of it are moderate. Four people ordering a full meal with appetizers, wine, etc., could get by with paying about $50 per person, including tip. For what you get, it is well worth it.
Bonus: It's located in a lovely area of shops in Winona Lake (which is basically Warsaw, Indiana). If you go there for lunch, you can shop too!

Cerulean restaurant
Winona Lake, Indiana, Winona Lake, Indiana

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  1. Cerulean is tasty, but I don't understand the dual personality lunch/dinner menus. Bento boxes for lunch and Spanish tapas AND rustic Italian entrees for dinner? Don't get me wrong, I love both (or all three?). This past summer I had lunch at Cerulean and wasted five hours in Winona/Warsaw waiting to eat at Cerulean for dinner. Personally I think their lunch is stronger than dinner. The disconnect is even more apparent by a paragraph-sized list of sake they serve at dinner, not lunch. There is NO japanese served in the evening, and sake isn't served at lunch. WTF?

    1. Cerulean is quite good but the wait can be long at lunch.

      My husband and I prefer Noa's over Cerulean for supper. They have normal drinks (sweet tea!), and there has never been anything we wouldn't try again.. and again.