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Dec 1, 2008 09:05 AM

Best Berkeley Rep Matinee Brunch or Lunch??

I'm truly amazed no one has asked this one yet. Some of us are BARTing from SF, so I want a place within reasonable walking distance of the Berkeley Rep theater itself (Shattuck and Addison). The obvious choices (downtown, Chez Panisse) aren't open Sunday until dinner and we'd like to eat before the 2pm show. Any ideas?

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  1. Venus, La Note, Bistro Liaison, and Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen are all open at that time. Probably others, too.

    1. La Note, Bistro Liasion, Gregorie and Venus are open.
      Not a lot of quality food options within walking distance early on a Sunday
      I'm sorry to say.

      1. Corso is now open for weekend brunch (and has been for a couple months). I haven't been yet but I've found them consistently excellent for dinner and the Brunch menu looks good. They now take reservations as well...

        1. I have been to the Rep in the past and think they have menus and possibly discounts at places they use at some performances. You might try looking at their web site or calling the box office. Please report back, its seems like there are a lot of little places around there and with Freight & Salvage opening (someday) it would be good to have an update.

          1. Here's previous threads on the topic...for dinner. Most of the places are mentioned here but there's others. A 2nd on Venus or La Note.