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Dec 1, 2008 08:34 AM

My Mom thanked me for cooking T day dinner with a $50 Surfas card...

What on earth do I spend it on? I bake, cook, eat (well, obviously), like gadgets and such.

What would you get?

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  1. Do you have a *really* good knife? That ought to get you half-to-a-third of the way there...

    1. I probably would go crazy with the Barry and Valrhona chocolates, and/or spend good money on blanched hazelnut flour and blanched almond flour. And I'd have spent my $50 already.
      Or I'd get some of the cold cuts/salamis and some cheeses.
      There are plenty of cool baking tins and molds, silpats, etc.

      1. 1) valrhona cocoa powder
        2) Cocoa powder cacao barry extra brute

        1. Surfas also has a nice tight selection of wine and beer... :D And a brand new cheese and charcuiterie counter!!


          1. With gadgets, it's hard to know what you need unless we know what you already have.

            For food, my favorites are (not all are always in stock):

            Snake River Sarsparilla
            All the bulk chocolate
            Nueske hot dogs
            Big quart containers of Dr. Bob's Ice Cream
            Vermont Butter & Cheese butter with sea salt

            I also love to ponder the selection of olive oils, salts and beer.

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            1. For chocolate, Surfas has bulk Valrhona and sometimes carries Michel Cluizel bars.

              The Vermont Cheese and Butter with sea salt is harder to find than the basic VCB. Surfas only occasionally has it and I haven't seen it at many other places.