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Free Range Turkey in Calgary

Does anyone know where I can get a free range (preferably organic) turkey before the Christmas holiday? (ie. Dec. 20 and beyond) We are planning a big family dinner for Dec. 14th. I talked to Second to None and they can get me a Hutterite turkey, but wondering what other places I might be able to get a turkey.

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  1. There is a place from this list - http://www.slowfoodcalgary.ca/directory/
    Winter's Turkeys
    "Available at: Amaranth, Bon Ton Meat Market, Canada Safeway, Community Natural Foods, CO-OP, Heaslip Venture Meats, Master Meats, Nutter’s Canmore, Rocky’s Meats & Delicatessen, Sunnyside Market"

    1. Sunworks at the CFM probably has what you're looking for.

      1. Thanks, Jigga and Cancowboy! I phoned Amaranth and they have one. Doh! completely forgot about them. Much more convenient for pick up. Thanks again.

        1. Grazin' Acres at Calgary Farmers' Market has excellent organic turkeys from their own Alberta farm.

          1. Gordon's Meats in Montgomery

            1. here's the infor for Forage's turkeys.....

              Darrel Winter and Corrine Dahm raise beautiful Free Range Turkeys just East of Calgary in Dalemead. We are offering fresh turkeys for pick up on Monday, December 22nd and Tuesday, December 23rd during Forage Hours (2PM to 7PM) in the following sizes for $3.85 per pound:

              18 to 20 lbs. (8-9 kg.)

              20 to 22 lbs. (9-10 kg.)

              or larger (let us know if you want a bigger bird)

              We’ll provide an instruction sheet with tips on how to prepare the best Christmas turkey.

              Pre-orders must be placed by Monday, December 15th with a $20 non-refundable deposit. Call Forage (403)269-6551.

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                Fresh Kitchen on 42Ave SW is doing Winter's turkeys as well.

              2. if you want to save some bucks and forgo the middleman ,go to the actual colony ,there are many around the calgary area,worth the drive ,and you might find something else they got for sale you might want.be sure to book your bird early as they only kill on a certain day of the week(different colony different days)and they go fast.biggest birds i have seen (try 30 pounds and up ,but you can get them smaller)you wont believe the mark up meat markets add to hutt birds untill you actually visit a colony.

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                  Where are these colonies??? hutterites?

                  I called Winters Turkeys and they are 24 KM approx outside of Calgarys SE (very close to me) and she said the p[rice for a fresh free range turkey is $2.91/lb. So if you are in the south, save some money and just go grab one directyl from them. pick up is the 23rd, 1030 - noon. no deposit, just let them know what you want.

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                    Yes, there are Hutterites all around Calgary. They have some of the best produce, my mother recently got a Hutterite chicken from Co-op and it was the best chicken I have ever tasted. So wonderfully moist.

                2. Thanks, everyone for the great info! However, I need the turkey for Dec. 14, so picked it up at Amaranth. With the kids in their Christmas plays, etc., it was easier to pick up there.

                  Nice to know there's quite a few choices.