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Dec 1, 2008 08:13 AM

Bearnaise sauce: keeping it warm in a thermos

A while back there were a few posters who mentioned that they make hollandaise or Bearnaise sauce ahead of time and put it a thermos keep it warm. My sister is planning on serving either a filet Mignon or prime rib roast for Christmas and asked me to prepare Bearnaise sauce. I'd like to prepare it at home and try out the thermos trick. Any pointers or tips on how this works, and how long it will hold for?

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  1. This will absolutely work. I always make my Bernaise in advance (not days, but at least an hour or two. I just leave it in the saucepan (covered) and reheat when the time comes (low heat with a constant stir). Never had any problems and it is one of my family's favorites. A thermos would keep it much warmer, possibly even to the point you don't need to reheat. Good luck.