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Dec 1, 2008 08:02 AM

Visiting St. Louis after an 8 year absence

I'll be there from the 5th through the 8th. Staying in U. City and will have a car. I did a search and found two likely places for dinner, one is Pappy's BBQ (not so hot here in NY) and Pho Long on Olive. I'm not looking for anything high end, just good food. Anything new in U. City? There used to be sort of a Thai dynasty on Delmar. Love Indian food too. And I'm not in the least afraid of some spicy heat.

What do you all think of Pappy's and Pho Long? Thanks a million. I hope I can still find my way around!

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  1. Hi Pat. Welcome back.

    Pappy's is good and gets lots of good reviews. My problem with them is they are often out of stuff especially at night or later in the day so that is my only warning there.
    Pho Long I have not been to.
    I would recommend Lu Lu's on Olive street in U City, especially for Dim Sun. In the Loop on Delmar, a place named Pi has opened since you have been in town. They are across from the Pageant. Excellent excellent Pizza.
    I don't know Indian.
    For Thai, we like Thai Kitchen in Maryland Heights, Land of Smile on Olive in Olivette, or the King and I on Grand. I have not had any Thai I cared for that much in the loop. I don't recognize Thai Dynasty. I also googled it and do not see it so not sure if they are around or not. Let me know if they are though as I am interested in new Thai.

    Good Luck!


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    1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

      Sorry! I was being facetious. "Thai dynasty" refers to a bunch of Thai places that were owned by the same family. They may all be gone now.

      I appreciate the info about Pappy's, but some 'cue is better than no 'cue at all, and that's what I'm used to! Maybe I can get by for lunch before they run out of stuff.

      Do you happen to know the location of the Ted Drewes (spelling?) that's open in the winter time?

      I'll be in town for a "thing" at Wash. U. Med. School, so if anything occurs to you around there, let me know. Thanks so much!

      1. re: Pat Hammond

        I go to Pappy's for lunch a lot and they are rarely out of anything by the end of lunch. It's amazing. The best in St. Louis for BBQ. No beer though...

        1. re: Pat Hammond

          Ted Drewes Frozen Custard
          6726 Chippewa
          St. Louis, MO 63109
          From I-40. Exit at Hampton south. Take Hampton south to Chippewa make a right, follow Chippewa west for approximately one half mile, Ted Drewes is located on the left side of Chippewa.

          From I-44 West. Exit at Jamison Ave. Turn south (right) 2 miles. Turn left at Watson Rd., Ted Drewes is 1 block east.

          From I-44 East. Exit at Arsenal Rd. Turn right on Arsenal, 1 block west. Turn left on Jamieson, 2 miles. Turn left at Watson Rd., Ted Drewes is 1 block east.

          From I-55 North. Exit at Carondolet, make a left approximately 5 miles. Go right on Watson Rd. Ted Drewes is two blocks east on the right side of Chippewa.

          From I-55 South. Exit at Germania Rd. Turn right. Follow Germania, Germania becomes Hampton Ave. Follow Hampton Ave. north to Chippewa. Make a left onto N Chippewa Rd. Ted Drewes is located one half mile on the left.

      2. If you have to have DimSum I would go to Won Ton King over LuLu's. A chinese waitress I know won't eat at LuLu's for various reasons but one apparently has to do with their kitchen. But if you're coming from NY, I wouldn't eat Chinese here.

        What pappy's does best is the ribs. It's a dry rub and they really can't be beat. I brought a friend from NY there last week and she looooved the ribs. Not a dinner place, though.

        India's Rasoi and House of India are both good Indian options (although I haven't eaten at either in a while since I just moved back to St. Louis from NY). Rasoi is a little more upscale but should be satisfying. I've heard really good things about The Shaved Duck (gastropub).

        For brunch you should check out Cafe Osage at Bowood Farms in the Central West end; one of the best french toasts I've had.

        Good luck!


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        1. re: tothemaxx

          I really want to go to Pappy's! Is dinner time there really not advised? I'm not fussy about ambiance in the least.

        2. Ambience is okay at Pappy's, tidier than lotsa BBQ places I've been to across the country. The problem with eating in the evening is that they run out of many things. If you have your mouth set for a particular thing, I'd call ahead. I'm not wild about Pho Long, but am not wedded to that opinion. No, you can get better dim sum in NYC, and I hope you do so frequently. Ruchi on Olive in Creve Coeur is probably the best Indian right now, with a wider-ranging menu than most spots.

          1. I was very impressed by the food and the staff when we tried Pappy's -- best BBQ I've had in St. Louis. Really liked the ribs -- they only offered babybacks when I was there. Get the pulled pork too, but be sure to order it with the "bark" -- the crusty bits are the best parts. I liked the brisket more than my mom did. Sides are good -- she really liked the thin sweet potato fries with cinnamon, I liked the steak fries, potato salad, and slaw. Pappy's isn't too far from Wash U. -- but very close to SLU. Do try to go for lunch or call ahead.

            Where are you from and where are you staying? I sometimes get flamed for this, but if you are from most of the civilized cities and states, you may be surprised that many of even the better places in town still permit smoking, at least in the bar areas; if you aren't used to this, it can ruin otherwise good recommendations. Be sure to check.

            The Ted Drewe's that is open is to the south on Chippewa, the old Rte. 66.

            Are you a fan of St. Louis-style pizza with the provel cheese? If so, my favorite place is Cafe Manhattan, on Hanley near Wydown, in Clayton just a bit west of Wash U. Good toasted ravioli there too.

            For a very upscale experience at reasonable prices, I strongly recommend The Crossing in Clayton. They have been offering a four-course menu with choices for each course for $25 -- I strongly recommend the crabcake and the shortrib. The hottest, most cutting edge restaurant in town is sort of near Soulard called Niche. Sidney Street Cafe is nearby and also excellent. Harvest is close to Wash U. and is very good. I wouldn't seek out Chinese in St. Louis, but LuLu's on Olive is ok for dim sum, and Yen Ching has been around forever on Brentwood. There is a place called Everest that has gotten good reviews and a Vietnamese place I can't readily recall.

            Besides searching this board for St. Louis threads, you can reference the St. Louis Post-Dispatch online at Check out the "Eat at Joe's" forum for threads about various restaurants and cuisines. There is also the Riverfront Times and Sauce Magazine, both accessible online.

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            1. re: nosh

              Hi Nosh, and thanks! I'll be staying in U. City. I lived there for 30 years. I'm in New York now. I think we're pretty civilized here, but that's just my opinion. :) Thanks for the tip about smoking. It's a big turn off for this ex-smoker. I remember Sydney Street and Harvest too. I guess I'll reserve Pappy's for lunch. We'll see.

              Thanks to everybody!

              1. re: Pat Hammond

                Hi Pat.

                Yes, the "Thai Dynasty" is still there.
                One other Q place you may want to consider that I just mentioned on another thread is

                You will have to drive into Illinois but not too far.

                This guy won the BEST ribs in the country on a Food Network bon Appetit TV special and he has won numerous other awards. I have not been there but by reputation, it should be good.


              2. re: nosh

                Ditto to Nosh's list. to it, I'd add The Monarch in Maplewood and 1111 in Benton Park for interesting upscale modern american, Acerro(coincidentally also in Maplewood) for new Italian, Bahn Mi So #1, on South Grand for the best Vietnamese in St. Louis. Also,contrary to my usual sentiments about Casino restaurants, the Burger Bar at the Lumiere Place has remarkable burgers and sides.

                1. re: chazzerking

                  I must say that is the very first positive thing I have seen about Burger Bar. I wanted to try it but everything I read is negative.


                  1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

                    Bison burger was actually cooked med rare,as ordered,crusty with grilled onions, avocado, lettuce and real ripe tomatoes. My wife's burger was excellent as well.

              3. I tried Pho Long for the first time last fri. The menu is extremely limited, about 10 soups, summer rolls and egg rolls, maybe two rice plates. No Bun (salad like noodles) and I don't think they even offer a choice of noodle for the soup. The soup was nothing special either. Friendly owners. I'd suggest Kim Son on Olive for Vietnamese for a wider selection of generally well prepared food. The Cornish Hen app. is very good, and I also like the omlet served with rice papers.

                I hear that Ruchi, an indian place on Olive by 270 is a notch above the typ. rich, northern style food that dominates in stl.