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Dec 1, 2008 07:38 AM


Who's been? What's good to order? Going there on Weds

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  1. Seriously bad. I went once with a friend, his idea, and I had the fried chicken which Bruni mentioned to be one of the best things on the menu and it just wasn't good. It's more of a scene than a real restaurant.

    1. I agree with KT. The place is filled with scenesters whose idea of indulgence is a eating a whole sugar-free Tic-Tac. Though what would you expect from a restaurant whose major draw is ceiling to floor windows where every fashion assistant in town can show she's enough in the know to follow every other presumably cool person worth iPhone space to the same restaurant? If you can't cancel, skip the appetizers, go for the bucket of fried chicken and end with s'mores. Then hit yourself in the head for paying $22 for something that could be ordered at Popeye's.

      1. i agree w/ the others...i tried it a few weeks ago and wrote a brief review here: so bad that i'd be frightened to eat anything there again

        1. Everybody's right. I thought the cheeseburger spring rolls and the reuben fritters were fun ideas, which they are, but the burgers had no flavour and the fritters were mega greasy. I would spend my money elsewhere unless you want to look at the scenesters, in which case just drink.

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            I also agree. I will go as far as saying it was one of the worst dining experiences I have EVER had. I asked the waitress what she recommended to which she quickly and enthusiastically replied, "the burger". When I had to send it back twice(it was burnt to a crisp the first time and tasted like coal - and absolutely raw and cold the second time) she rolled her eyes and said "i'm not surprised another burger is being sent back to the kitchen". Now I ask, why would you recommend the burger then? Management tried to make it up to me by sending over the matzoh ball soup which had ZERO taste I couldn't even swallow it. As for the atmosphere, for those who praise it, clearly they don't have a mind of their own...