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Mad Elf

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Hello All,
Anyone know where I can find Troegs Mad Elf in the Philly or KoP area?

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  1. It was on tap at Black Sheep last weekend (17th and Spruce area) - $7 for a fairly nice pour.

    1. Are you interested in drinking at a bar or buying a case (cases)? It's only available for a short period of time & in limited quantity. My son buys several cases & puts it away (like wine) to savor through the year. Then again, he's a bit of a mad elf himself.

      1. They had in on Tap at Capone's in East Norriton and also sold it in six packs at the beer store in the back for $17.00. I bought one on Wednesday.

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          I love the beer store in the back of Capone's but what is up that they only take cash? Just wondering. I know they have a mac machine and all but it is sometimes inconvenient.

        2. The Drafting Room in Springhouse has it by the bottle.

          1. If you don't want a case and are willing to drive just over the state line, Total Wine on Namans Road in DE has 6 packs for around $12.

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              I was just about to post the same thing. I went there last week and made a couple of seasonal variety 6-packs. Probably my favorite place to buy alcohol.

            2. Thanks so much for the responses!
              I am looking to buy it and probably will get a few cases as it is a seasonal but glad to see a few 6-pack and draft places as well!
              If anyone knows more places specific to the art museum area of Philly (where I live) or KoP/Conshhocken (where I work) for drafts or sales that would be great!

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                The Grey Lodge in the northeast is hosting a Mad Elf night this Friday. They will be serving the 2007 and 2008 "vintages" if you'd like to test them before you buy.

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                  Any truth to the rumour that Scoats will be dressed as an elf?

                  From Fairmount, I would go over to the Foodery on 2nd Street which I am sure would have it, (and many other great holiday brews) by the bottle.

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                  We had some at Flanagan's Boathouse on Fayette Street in Conshohocken.

                3. For all the 'Mad Elf's' out there; Troeg's offers long sleeve Mad Elf t-shirts. It's my favorite! http://www.troegs.com/store/shop/cate...

                  1. thanks! i have had it before as the flat rock saloon in manayunk had the large mad elf bottles around christmas time last year and i was hooked!

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                      Good stuff, isn't it? They do a great job balancing the body with the high alcohol. I wouldn't even know it was 11%...at first.

                      I picked up a six pack on Saturday at Canal's on rt. 38. Hard not to drink them all right away.

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                        Found on tap at P.J. Weilahan's in Westmont, NJ.

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                          Weilahan's is out of Mad Elf now, the waitress said they only had one keg of it.
                          The beverage store just NE of the Pottstown,PA diner has cases available for about $60.

                    2. At Tröegs 10th anniv. party last year, they were serving locally made cherry vanilla ice cream with belgian chocolate chunks and topped with a Mad Elf sauce.

                      1. Good Dog has it on tap for $6 a glass (at least they did a week ago.)

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                          ahhh thanks juice - good dog is super close to me!

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                            No Problemo. I actually took a tour of the Troegs Brewery (call to reserve in advance) about 2 weeks ago on Saturday. After the tour, you can sit around in the bar area and drink all the samples you can handle for a small fee (12-4pm, Saturdays). They sell Mad Elf in 96 ounce bottles. Makes for a pretty cool day trip.

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                              After a 96 oz bottle of ME, how do you get up off the bar stool?

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                                Or stay ON the bar stool ... since it would be spinning!

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                                My parents live in Central PA, and my dad is planning to take me on a tour of Troegs as a Christmas present. The only one of their beers I've really loved so far is the fairly recent Java Head Stout, but I like to support them because they're a smaller PA brewery and because their founders graduated from the same college I did.

                          2. Anyone with info on suppliers in the Montgomeryville-North Wales area?

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                              Not exactly Montg/NW .. but you can get six packs at the Candlewyck in Buckingham.

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                                Family Beverage on Welsh Rd. just past 202 in North Wales had a lot of it last time i was there. They have a pretty good mico selection in general, and the prices aren't bad (for PA).

                              2. By the case at the World of Beer (Ridge ave..Andorra Shopping Center). Looked to be $54/case.

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                                  excellent - i'm in that shopping center a few times a week anyway.

                                  i also found the big bottles at michael's deli in KoP today...kinda pricey at $10 a bottle...but i finally got some but now i'll be looking into the case!

                                2. tis currently on tap at kung-fu necktie (KFN). yum!

                                  1. Had it at Memphis Taproom the other night and I got a case at Society Hill Beverage, 2nd and Washington

                                    1. Standard Tap has it occationally, they had it this weekend. Johnny Brenda's had it on tap last week. You can buy it at the Foodery (south east corner of 2nd and Poplar Sts - across from the Standard Tap, in Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia.

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                                        abbaye had it on tap a couple weeks ago, too.

                                      2. Lucky Dog ..Lafayette Hill...has it on tap. Well, a little less now... : )

                                        1. Made a late night run to the Giant in hatfield and noticed a sign at the new beer store in that shopping center, beer etc or something said mad elf sixty bux a case. Not sure if they have any left as they were closed for the nite.

                                          1. Next year I'd highly recommend visiting the brewery itself, not only can you buy cases and 22ozers but you can sample and take home their "scratch beers." These are the single batch experiment beers they make through the year, like Double Espresso Oatmeal Stout, Saison, and Bitter, I'm not a big fan of Mad Elf myself (I find it oversweet) but it got its start in the scratch series. They usually have release dates on their website.
                                            Also, they have really cool growlers.

                                            1. It's baack! Kicked off the festivities with a Mad Elf at Capone's tonight. Also had an Ichabad. Thank goodness for designated drivers. Hmm. The "currently on tap" menu somehow jumped into my purse. It is a cheap print out that was rumpled and grease stained if that is any excuse. It says mad elf 2008 now that I look at it. So I may have jumped the gun. Research on how to be a beer geek is thirsty work.

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                                                FWIW I found Mad Elf on tap tonight of all places at the Pizzeria Uno in Doylestown. Of course they really didnt know how to serve it, (no chalice, and they were serving it in 14 or 20 oz glasses... ). But it is always fun to find a beer you wouldn't expect at a pedestrian place like Pizzeria Uno.

                                                  1. re: cwdonald

                                                    20 oz glass of Mad Elf... hope someone else was driving

                                                    1. re: Chefmonty

                                                      Well needless to say that I didn't order the 20 oz. Even the 14 was a bit much for this beer. My point was that this restaurant is carrying a high alcohol beer, but treating it as if it were Bud Light.

                                                1. brauhaus schmitz on South Street has it in their coming soon section of drafts, so I would imagine they'll be pouring it there in the next few days.

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                                                    Had it at the Bards on 20th & Walnut last night. What exactly is the attraction of this brew (other than the name)? It was actually pretty bad stuff.

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                                                      I had it on tap there last night. It was still under "coming soon" on the menu, but it's live, baby.

                                                    2. Jose Pistolas had it on tap as of yesterday.

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                                                        Check out The Drafting Room in Spring House and Stephanie's in Doylestown, both had it on tap last time I checked. Good luck, this stuff goes fast but it's worth seeking out!

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                                                          Canal's on 38 (Pennsauken) in S Jersey has 22 bottles for $8.

                                                          1. re: Schpsychman

                                                            Asked at the warrington Wegman's tonight. They had lots and lots of mad elf but they are sold out atm.

                                                          2. re: mikerichi

                                                            Had it at Johnny Brenda's on Friday night.