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Dec 1, 2008 07:07 AM

Bee Sweet Cupcakes

I finally tried Bee Sweet Cupcakes (on Magazine, down the street from Whole Foods, next to Dirty Coast). It was great! The "I Heart Bananas Foster" was pretty good but the "Roger Rabbit" (carrot cake with cream cheese icing) was divine. Definitely worth checking out!


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  1. I tried their red velvet cake cupcake today. It was so moist to make for a very good cupcake.

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      This place is fantastic. Go check it out....A friend brought a dozen over to a Saints watching party...never seen so many beer drinking grown men absolutely freak out over a dessert before. The Fatty Elvis was my fave.

    2. these are ridiculously divine!!! the ppl that work there are so nice and I agree- this is the best red velvet I've had in NOLA--- the reese's pieces one is delicious too- I am so glad I don't live on State Street anymore or I would be in trouble!!!

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        I am salivating!!! They open on Sunday?

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          Their web site says open Sunday 12-6 PM.