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Dec 1, 2008 06:59 AM

East Hampton area

We're planning to be in east hampton this weekend-any recommendations for high food quality , reasonably priced( $50/person or less) restaurant?
Recommend a good butcher or fishmonfer in the area? Wineries?


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  1. The Laundry in Easthampton would probably suit you. Most places have a prix fixe this time of year anyway. Wineries, there are only two on the South Fork (not counting Duck Walk), Wolffers is my favorite. Also Channing Daughters (?) but never been there myself. Both in Bridgehampton.

    Fish, there's the Seafood Shop in Wainscott, or Stuarts in Amagansett (their satellite store Claws on Wheels in Easthampton Village might still be open too). Amagansett Seafood in the IGA Shopping Center is still open til Christmas, I think.

    Villa Italian by the train station in EH has great meat, although Italian oriented. If you want to take a ride, Cromers in Noyack or Montauk is sort of popular. Actually IGA has a very good meat dept. and will cut to order. And you do have Citarella's right in the heart of town.

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      thanks so much for your help , Laundry looks very promising

    2. You might also consider The Lodge or Fresno for dinner. I second Stuart's for fish, pretty sure Amagansett seafood is closed for the season already. Righ outside of town is Nichols, does not look like much but it is wonderful for lunch or a casual dinner. For meat, I like the Hampton Market which is right across from The Lodge. And Citarella is excellent also for all.

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        thanks for your help-will have a look at the lodge

      2. The Laundry is jfood's favorite with Nick and Toni in second.

        1. coll is right, Villa is terrific and so is Luigi's for great Italian takeout (fab panini sandwiches), clam bar in Napeaque has terrific seafood at a reasonable price. World Pie in Bridgehampton has great thin crust pizzas and salads (great Sangria too). Schmidt's has a great butcher (near the train station too). Il Capucino in Sag Harbor to me is the best bang for the buck in the Hamptons, fantastic food, addictive garlic rolls and reasonably priced.

          1. Yes, the Seafood Shop in Wainscott has excellent seafood. Around the corner is Breadzilla, just delicious breads, baked goods, and phenomenal sandwiches and soups for lunch. (take out)