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Dec 1, 2008 06:37 AM

thai ginger salem

Really liking this restaurant on lafayette (right on the corner by the college). So far I haven't had a bad meal yet (its within walking distance of our house so we often get lunch or take out here). My only complaint is that some of the odder things on their menu are not always available. I have tried all of their noodle dishes and when you ask for spicy they actually make it spicy! They also have a great veggie selection. I am kind of annoyed that they have Boba (I think they call it shakes) on the menu but its never available when I go there.

Though if I am going to sit down and have a nice meal I would rather go to Bangkok paradise. Their entrees and seafood dishes are better. But for noodles or rice its easier to go to thai ginger with convenient parking.

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  1. I really liked this place when they first opened. I tend to order the same things over and over. The last three times I have ordered food from there, it was awful. After the third time I called and was informed they had a new cook. It is sad when you order pineapple fried rice and they forget to add the pineapple. They also used to have cashews in the dish which they no longer add. Consistency counts and I will no longer be eating there.

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      after I posted this I spoke to my husband who said the same thing as you. I usually tend to order noodles so I didn't notice. What a bummer....
      Bangkok paradise is always reliable and has been for years. Our fav is the soft shell crab at BP.