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Vegan Restaurants

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I know that there must be more than three in Los Angeles, please come to our rescue!

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  1. Not sure which three you mean, but here are a couple more:

    California Vegan - Hollywood
    Vegan Express - Universal City
    Native Foods - Westwood
    Real Food Daily - W. Hollywood, S. Monica, B. Hills
    Vegetable Delight - Granada Hills
    Garden Wok - Reseda
    Leonor's Mexican - Studio City
    Orean Health Express - Pasadena

    Etc., not to mention the myriad vegan options at real places around town.


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      Scott Baio wrote:

      >Not sure which three you mean, but here are a couple >more:

      >California Vegan - Hollywood
      >Vegan Express - Universal City
      >Native Foods - Westwood
      >Real Food Daily - W. Hollywood, S. Monica, B. Hills
      >Vegetable Delight - Granada Hills
      >Garden Wok - Reseda
      >Leonor's Mexican - Studio City
      >Orean Health Express - Pasadena

      Venus in Venice - Venice
      Native Foods - Westwood
      Au Lac - Fountain Valley

      >Etc., not to mention the myriad vegan options at real >places around town.


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        Keep in mind that a lot of the Chinese and Thai places mentioned in this thread serve fake meat that may have small amounts of dairy products or egg (usually whey, sometimes casein or egg white). http://www.livingvegan.org/Articles.html has some information about the various "... vegan" Thai-owned places. Most buddhist type places don't use egg or indicate dishes with egg, but they don't tend to worry about whey protein and such. It can be pretty difficult to get a straight answer out of these places.

        This may not be a big deal for some, but if you're very strict about the diet, you may want to exercise caution when ordering certain dishes at this type of restaurant.

        http://www.chowhound.com/topics/35096... has a list of Chinese veg places in the SGV area.

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          Real Food Daily no longer have a place in Bev Hills.

        2. Check out the vegan options on the Grace menu posted by grog, above, in his post "Grace...alicious". The vegan stuffed vegies sound very good and a vegan chocolate torte...

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            Thanks for reminding me - sampled the vegan options at Grace last week... the stuffed veggies were fantastic. A generous serving of market fresh produce treated with great skill. Delicately fried squash blossoms, couscous stuffed roasted tomato, basmati stuffed red pepper with tofu emulsion. Great.

            In lieu of the torte, I had a pear sorbet with pear and roasted dates for dessert. The dishwasher had very little work when I was through.

            * Will be sampling La Cachette's newish vegan tasting menu on New Year's eve. They have always been very vegan friendly and have recently branched out into full-fledged vegan courses.

          2. Happy Family in Monterey Park.

            1. You might check out this link for a list of places in and around LA. Have you ever been to Juliano's Raw in Santa Monica, (I think around 6th and Broadway)?

              Link: http://www.vegparadise.com/diningarch...

              1. Thank you all so much for your suggestions. I can't wait to try ones that I didn't even know existed! Have a wonderful New Year.

                1. Don't forget Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park! It's on Sherman Way between Topanga and Owensmouth. There are atleast three Leonor's in NoHo / Studio City. There green salad in delicious!

                  1. Madeleine Bistro is vegetarian w/ great vegan options as well. (woodland hills)

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                      It's actually in Tarzana -- and I don't recall seeing any dairy on the menu. There's a lot of "dairy", but it's all fake -- for example, the whipped "cream" is actually cashew-based. It's by far the best.

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                        Madeline Bistro is amazing, in Tarzana and all vegan. Their weekend brunches are just as great as their dinners.

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                          I haven't been, but my vegan friends love MB also.

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                            I'm not vegan -- and I tend to pooh-pooh vegan places as being too woo-woo for you-you... but this place really is excellent. There was a dish of mushrooms coated in arborio rice and fried that I wish I could duplicate at home -- and their red curry with tofu is fantastic.

                    2. M Cafe de Chaya has some good vegan options. Color me obsessed, and I'm FAR from being vegan.

                      1. And there's also Mani's Bakery here on Fairfax just south of 3rd Street.

                        1. I think La Chachette does several Vegan dishes.

                          1. don't forget rahel for great vegan ethiopian food.
                            (fairfax south of olympic north of pico)

                            1. The "Cowboy Burger" at Vegan Express is just delicious -- made with seitan ( Vegan Express is in the Valley -- 3217 Cahuenga Blvd, phone # 323-851-8837).

                              1. And the Vegetarian Sandwiches at Patrick's are just wonderful too. My favorite is "Patrick's Vegan Sausage Sandwich" -- utterly delicious :). Patrick's too is in the Valley, on 6720 San Fernando Road.

                                OH and other great veggie discoveries at a not-exclusively veggie restaurant -- and in my opinion, one of the best restaurants in LA: Chamaeu (Moroccan cuisine) has a fabulous vegetarian sampler platter (listed under 'appletizers', I think) plus utterly yummy cous-cous -- I especially recommend the chick pea couscous and the prune cous cous.

                                1. in hermosa beach, THE SPOT is a vegetarian restaurant with a ton of vegan options.

                                  for indian food, SAMOSA HOUSE, on washington just west of the 405 is a vegetarian restaurant that generally has several excellent vegan options.

                                  1. WOW! Old thread indeed....

                                    Shojin in Little Tokyo is excellent, but currently is languishing from its out-of-the-way location. Try it. I have no financial interest in Shojin, but simply would like to see it succeed cuz it's good.

                                    333 S. Alameda (Yaohan Plaza)
                                    3rd floor
                                    Little Tokyo

                                    1. I agree that Madeleine Bistro is a cut above the rest. The chef at Madeleine Bistro went to the same culinary school as Emeril Lagasse, and he worked at five-star restaurants before starting his own vegan place. He understands classic flavor pairings, and he's extremely creative. I have no idea how he pulls off a vegan chocolate souffle, but it is utterly delicious. And I'm a lifelong carnivore. He's also planning to open a new place in West Hollywood.


                                      1. there is also jax in westwood as well.

                                        1. the one spot I love that is missing from everyone's list is Vegan Glory on Beverly Blvd. at Orlando. Its Vegan fast food and thai. I love the comboy burger and fries there. They also have beer and a small but nice wine list. It's in a strip mall tho, so not big on ambiance.


                                          Also, here's a list of SoCal Vegan spots:

                                          1. shojin in little tokyo? has anyone gone there?

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                                              I went to Shojin once during their first month and wrote up a review with pics here: http://www.runawaysquirrels.com/2008/...

                                              Overall, the food was okay, but the quality of the food didn't really reflect the high prices of the dishes.

                                            2. For great Thai food, The Vegan Joint in the Palms area. They have the absolute best spring rolls.