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Dec 1, 2008 06:19 AM

What a 'Gourmet' Burger

Tried the burger on friday and well....what can i say..amazing, tasty, good, wow. i had the cheese burger with all the fixings....and what meal. my buddy had the veg burger and loved it. they messed up and gave him a beef burger...we had to wait a few minutes so they gave us an order of onion rings...the sweet pot fries were tasty...only down side there are only 4 stools to sit at....location parliament just north of carlton...worth the visit.

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  1. Will they cook it medium rare?

    1. agreed.

      had the aussie burger and was very pleasantly surprised. the addition of pinapple and pickled beet didn't add an overwhelmingly sweet note to the burger as i expected. they added an earthiness to the burger that was very enjoyable (although the juice did end up dying my fingers a nice claret-- guess i'll just have to eat faster next time). the egg was runny and perfect and the patty was well spiced and stood up to all the other flavours. on the whole a well balanced, exceptionally tasty burger. top 5 in toronto for sure. friends i was with had a variety of burgers ('the works', 'the cajun', the veggie) and everyone was pleased with the quality of their selection. sweet potatoe and regular fries were both top shelf (crispy, well seasoned, and not oily). can't wait to go back.

      it is brutal that the place only seats 6 people considering the wealth of space the seem to have going to waste behind the service window.

      dunno whether they'll cook a burger to order but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

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        1. I have to agree about the seating situation. Even though they're new and need to get a handle on sales, they could afford to put in a couple of cruiser tables with bar stools. That would help without crowding the area. I always see about 4-6 people standing inside.