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Dec 1, 2008 05:46 AM

Babbo Question??? Help!

Ok so I would like to add Babbo to my future NY Trip but was wondering if they allow subs. on the pasta tasting menu. I dined at B&B in Las Vegas and they did a custom tasting menu for me since there certain pastas wanted to try. Has anyone had any experiences doing this and if so how did it work out? Thanks!

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  1. been to babbo many times. rather than "subbing" items on the tasting menu, try devising your own. wife, son and i did this the last time we were there. the waiter got into the spirt and helped us organize the evening. the wine steward was a great help with the pairings. we shared everything. nothing was left over. we went early enough so neither the kitchen nor the wait staff were slammed. a good time was had by all.

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      I went to dinner there with my wife and my parents, and we did the same things. We each did an antipasti, a pasta dish and a meat dish, and we shared bites of everything. So we got to try 12 different dishes, and then two desserts, too.

      1. Well I'll be dining alone is the only problem and I really only go for the pasta as that what I think Marios strong points are in his restaurants. What about half orders?

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          give it a shot. if you go early, you may stand a good chance of getting a desired result. let the record show that babbo has never refused a reasonable request from me or my family. all you can do is try. hedging your bet by arriving early (before kitchen/staff is slammed) could make a difference. good luck.

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            Yeah I usually make my reservations early anyways for that very factor and you have a better chance getting a table you want. Thanks for the tip!

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              You ate in Vegas and think you know Batali's strong suits?
              That is rich. For reference, Alize is absolutely horrific.
              Vegas food is bad and even the very few chefs who do have great restaurants somewhere do not have excellent venues there. That is how it is.

              If you are dining alone, reservation is not for you. Just walk in(early is better) and sit at the bar.
              Besides, it ain't the easiest thing to score rez, anyhow.
              They will let you alter the pasta tasting somewhat but I think you should let the pros handle it.

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                the bar is the place to be at babbo! i had a great meal there 2 years ago , calves brain ravioli and a lot of great wine.

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                  All I can say to you is LOL. I'll leave it at that before I get in trouble from the board.

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                    "You ate in Vegas and think you know Batali's strong suits?
                    That is rich"

                    Dietndesire....B&B in vegas is very similiar to Babbo in terms of quality (particularly the pastas) to Babbo...B&B is about a 9 to Babbo's 10 (other than the bread) B&B is a very good approximation of Babbo, an almost identical menu, I'v'e been to B&B twice and Babbo dozens of times, BTW, Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon are damn good in Vegas as is B&B.....the original poster should sit at the bar and order and app and two pastas and be done with it....Babbo will not do half orders but the will replace an item on the tasting menu... They are not very accomodating to off menu requests as is the case at any Bastianich place...

                    1. re: Cpalms

                      Those joints are 90% of their counterparts in the same way the Venetian is 90% as wonderful as a nice town in Italy.
                      Good, above average, maybe for the super high end but not the best, as they should be and certainly overpriced.
                      Obviously, there is no point in arguing it but I wasted that bit, anyhow.
                      It is quite unfortunate the cuisine in Vegas.
                      Those guys get paid and can put out whatever.
                      Even Keller sold out.

                      As for Babbo not accommodating people, that is certainly not true.
                      I don't ask for changes because I don't believe in that unless there is good reason. A single dislike or a food allergy, all fine, of course.

                      But there have been numerous instances of people making requests for this and that and, much to my chagrin, they were indulged.
                      I would prefer that behavior was not encouraged.

                      Make some great food and that should be it. Perhaps if the price is insanely high, then it can be custom, much like having your own chef.
                      Don't like it, too bad. And I don't like too much and thus don't go to many establishments but I respect the unwritten rules when and where I do.