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Dec 1, 2008 05:27 AM

Center City Pizza Delivery

Where do you order from?

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  1. Dolce Carini. Some of the best pizza in the city imo.

    1. Rustica in Northern Liberties, great pizza. 215 627-1393. They are not the same company as rustica in UC.

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        mmhmm. i found another dream rustica pizza combo, ordered last nite: white pie, fresh moz ONLY (you have to tell them to hold the regular cheese), fresh garlic. i am going to try to improve on this further next time by adding tomatoes, but that version was SO good. some of the best crust in the city.

        slice pizza at 10th and federal was also pretty excellent.

        and there's a new place, mix, in rittenhouse - i thought they were pretty great, but have yet to see them mentioned here. if you dine in, it's a cute atmosphere AND you can get my fave combo: pizza and beer! (there's a bar too) actually come to think of it, i'm not 100% sure if they deliver. all i've done is eat in there. might be worth checking out... it's on chestnut near 20th i think.

      2. Slice, 10th and Federal, But I know they deliver to Old City, so my guess is at least east of Broad!

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          Another option: Paolo's on Pine Street, bet. Broad and 13th.
          Rustica sounds like a must-try!

          1. re: 60s Girl

            do try! it's more gourmet-style pizza but the combinations are endless. another i love is their pesto pie, it's pesto, fresh moz, and sliced tomatoes. though i usually love the by-the-slice version more than the whole pie. they have a pretty impressive by-the-slice array at their store, 2nd and poplar.

            1. re: rabidog

              It's definitely on my radar screen!

        2. The square pie (and only the square pie) from Napoli. Gianfranco's Pizza Rustica. Soho (though the employees annoy me).

          1. dolce carini...without question. absolutely the best in this city. they close at 9pm and are not open on those cases, i usually order from either gianfranco's or lazaro's