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Dec 1, 2008 04:30 AM

ND to NY - Husband's 1st Time Visit

It's been 10 years since I have been to NY and this will be my husbands 1st time visit. I want this to be a great visit for both of us. We will be in NY (staying in Times Square) for a 3 day weekend. I have been reading the boards and have picked up great tips. Thank You.
We will definately be doing Katz's Deli.
We are going to Young Frankenstein on Saturday, Dec 6th - 8 pm show. The current plan is dinner at Roberto Passon. What time should we make our reservation for?
Also, my husband loves pancakes - so far we have 2 options for breakfast: Norma's and Blue Fin. Any other idea's - in the Times Square area?
We are staying at the Marriott Marquis - how's the restaurant at the top?
These are other options we are considering for the weekend:
Joe's Shanghai, Ruth's Chris, West Bank Cafe, Esca. We are definately looking for good seafood. Any comments are appreciated.

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  1. hi

    -- i wouldn't recommend Ruth's Chris because it's a chain and available in other cities...for steak, i'd say go to Keens' (on 36th St, not far from your hotel)...Keen's is in a historic building, has an amazing scotch and bourbon selection, and also has a pub room that's slightly less expensive than the main dining room and fun for an afternoon meal...

    -- i am not a fan of Esca...for seafood: consider going down to Soho and eating at Aquagrill (an easy subway via the C/E train from Times Sq -- get off at Spring St.)'ll want to get out of Times Sq at some point anyway...

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    1. re: Simon

      Seconding most of this, strongly.
      No Ruth's Chris, truly disgusting. Not promoting Keens, though. While not going into the steakhouse argument, there are many if you do a search that are 100x better than the chain and Keens is one of them.

      Aquagrill is what I thought of right away but am glad to see someone else had this spot on idea a tad bit before.

    2. If you have more than 24" of snow I'd definitely recommend the Marriott Marquis for dinner... by the way, it's an expensive and designed for tourists. You'll do much better to leave the hotel.

      For an appropriate suggestion, give us a little more info... mainly what price point. For example, if price is no object, you'll enjoy Le Bernadin for excellent seafood... but one of the most expensive places in town.

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      1. re: WineAG

        We will probably just do drinks at the hotel.
        What is considered "expensive" in NY? We would like to keep our most expensive "splurge" meal with wine in the $200 range. Is that possible?

        1. re: bevrod

          Would still appreciate breakfast and seafood ideas. Thank you.

          1. re: bevrod

            Why not go to Balthazar, 80 Spring St. between Broadway and Crosby? I went there for brunch on Columbus Day with two friends and found it thoroughly enjoyable. It's not cheap but a fair value. Get reservations or go early. It's in SoHo, so you'll have to ride the subway (take the R, W, or whatever else is running local on that day on the Broadway Line to Prince St.) or take a cab, but that's a good thing. The Times Square District is an artificial tourist area, nowadays, even more than SoHo is, and it's a bad idea to spend all or most of your time there. Even for breakfast.


          2. re: bevrod

            Yes, you can do very well for $200. Some ideas:

            Vice Versa

            1. re: rrems

              The Mermaid Inn, Tides or Lure Fishbar might be slightly more fun seafood options.

              For breakfast: Barney Greengrass is a fun super classic NY option; Sarabeth's (there are a few locations) has some tasty pancakey choices

              1. re: vatl619

                I was recommending places with exceptional food for the price, not necessarily seafood, though Compass is now mainly seafood and all of them have a fair number of seafood options. I would not describe Mermaid Inn as "fun", unless one's idea of fun is cramped tables and ear-splitting noise, with mediocre food. I have not been to Tides or Lure, but if they are equivalent to Mermaid, I will gladly pass on them. If an all-seafood restaurant is a requirement, Aquagrill would be a superior choice.

            2. re: bevrod

              Not only is it possible; it's more than most New Yorkers ever pay for a meal! Of course, you could pay a lot more if you went to Masa, for example, but that isn't what you're asking. :-)