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Dec 1, 2008 04:21 AM

What about Oysters in Paris?

Back in the days I lived in Oregon i enjoyed some of the smaller local oysters... To be honest the huge varities may well freak out my Polish wife as well.... ( she has never eaten one in her life) Any recomendations for a tasty oyster on the small and delicate side during our December visit? Are they usually ordered by the half dozen? Can one order a mixed tasting plate?

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  1. The menu of La Rotonde, Blvd. Montparnasse (M°: Vavin), lists the different choices for oysters, mussels, etc. You'll find a mixed tasting plate for 24.50€ and d the prices for the different oysters by the half dozen (as far as I understand, the menu is in French only, while the rest of the webpage is translated though).
    Almost every brasserie will have similar offers.

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      Great.. I have a reservation on Christmas Eve at La Rotonde.....Will give them a try!

    2. Try Huiterie Regis, 20 yards from Mabillon metro stop, very small place. Last time there 26 Euros got you a dozen of 2 types and glass of muscadet.

      1. Oh, the oysters are so good in Paris in the winter! A few years ago some friends who live there took me to a little fish market in the 1ere called l'Eclume where they had stools at counters in the back and served nothing but plats of oysters of all varieties. served with rye bread and great butter, and a glass of either Muscadet or Sancerre. I can still taste the violettes as I'm writing this.

        I was hoping to get back there in October, but there's never enough time!

        1. Classic brasseries indeed have good oysters (la Rotonde, le Dôme, la Lorraine, any of them, really). Garnier is one of the best in that regard. Then there are fish-specialised restaurants, especially l'Uitr place Falguière, La Cagouille place Brancusi and the fancier ones are Le Divellec, le Duc. All over the city many bistrots seasonally specialise in oysters (often from Cancale) -- they're also very reliable. If you know how to open them, buying them from a fish shop is also a lot of fun.

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            I totally agree about the fish shops. And even if you don't know how to open them, some of the market vendors will open them for you, and even sell you a glass of wine to go with them. Certainly the most fun, but maybe something to save until you're sure the Polish wife isn't freaked out by them.

            One other thing to note if you're ordering off a menu: the larger the number, the smaller the oyster.

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              Yes! At my neighborhood market (near Parmentier, 11eme), I can get a baker's dozen of Fines de Claires No 2 for 8€. Seriously. After a few minutes at home with a shucking knife, I had 13 meaty, high-quality oysters ready to go. Well worth it, when you compare it to the going price at a brasserie.

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                If you really love oysters, look for Gillardeau. The original poster wouldn`t like them probably because they are too meaty. I got 13 for 20€ at a fishmonger in the covered market at the Marché d'Aligre. They seem to have twice the meat of the fines de claires and a wonderful, sweet taste. Just don`t kill that taste with the vinaigrette often served when you order oysters in a restaurant.

            2. there is a very nice place just off rue poncelet in the 17th that specializes in oysters. not sure the exact name or address because i just go there by memory. huitrie is part of the name.

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