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Nov 30, 2008 10:41 PM

New Korean restaurant near Shanghai?

Does anyone know anything about the new Korean restaurant next to Shanghai outside of Highland Mall? I think it's in an old Outback Steakhouse. I only caught a glance at it as I drove down 35, but it looked to be named Chosun something.

I'd love it if Austin got a really good Korean BBQ option.

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  1. I'd heard from a Korean friend about this place. He said it was going to going to be a Korean BBQ restaurant and was to open in December.

    1. Chosun Galbi

      Incidentally there is a great Korean BBQ in LA by the same name. I spoke with a guy there a few months back and he said they were slated to open mid-November, but that didn't happen. (My friends and I pulled up that night and were greeted with an empty parking lot, so we went to Aster's instead.)

      I definitely look forward to having another Korean BBQ option!

      1. My wife and I went here for dinner this past Mon evening, their fourth night open. We have been loyal patrons of Korea House for many years, so it is with a guilty twinge that I say don't walk, run to this place to get your Korean BBQ fix. I say run because as is sometimes the case, the shine may come off as the "grand opening" vibe dissipates.

        The building itself, as has been mentioned, is a remodeled Outback Steakhouse. They did a fantastic job - the floors, booths and sushi bar are all polished wood. There are 3 or 4 flat panel TVs throughout, with a larger one behind the immense sushi bar (note to folks looking for an alternative to wings to go with their NFL).

        We were seated at our booth - a sturdy faux granite table in the middle of which was a brand spanking new grill plate. Quite a change (good or bad?) from the old school, well used contraptions at Korea House that always seem to threaten to send the whole place up in flames at any given moment.

        The wife is pregnant and has had serious sushi cravings lately, so in an attempt at appeasement we ordered an avocado roll to start. The avocado was perfectly ripe and the roll was large and well presented. Definitely looking forward to sampling more of their sushi in the future.

        The menu is extensive, with an especially large selection of firm tofu soups. We were there for the good stuff, however, and spent a few minutes perusing the 8-10 BBQ options. They had a couple high end beef options that went for $45+, but in the end we opted for the marinated beef and pork (bulgogi). They went for around $17 each, I believe.

        As with just about every joint we've been to, there is a two entree minimum required for DIY BBQ. It is here that I should warn you that you should bring a minimum of three people, as we were served a stupid amount of food.

        First came a small tossed salad consisting of iceberg mix topped with a heavy mayo based dressning. Do yourself a favor and ignore it completely.

        Next came the banchan - 8-10 small bowls of the usual suspects plus a couple new (to me) additions. One was a dish of dried, salted sardines & peanuts. The other was a solid, white, gelatinous and mostly tasteless cube of what our server could only describe as "vegetable jell-o".

        Next was a large platter of salad that I would have been thrilled with at a high end steakhouse. Fresh, chilled field greens tossed with the perfect amount of a soy/flaked chile dressing.

        The soup came out boiling - firm tofu with squid, mussels and possibly some other creatures. It was outstanding, but caution: it was XXtra spicy!

        The BBQ came out on a platter lined with lettuce leaves. Must have been between 2 and 3 lbs worth. The beef was a rich brownish burgundy and the pork a very distinctive orangish hue. Fantastic. (One quick note here - the wife maintained that she enjoyed the beef more than at KH, but that the pork was spicier and not as flavorful).

        What really set this meal apart were the ultra-fresh ingredients and attention to detail. We were served a small bowl of sliced fresh garlic and jalapenos to grill with the meat. We were also served a plate of perfectly fresh and crisp green lettuce leaves and a bowl of delicious spicy garlicky bean paste. When combined with the bbq, the resulting lettuce wrap concocoction was a perfect bite of spice and texture.

        The manager stopped by our table, and despite being very English challenged he made a very valiant attempt to make sure that we were being taken care of while also attempting to do a little market research (Was there anything else we would care to see? What other Korean restaurants did we frequent?). Evidently the place is under the same ownerhip as the Suzi's on Bee Cave.

        Just as I was about to split wide open we were served dessert - a bowl of chilled liquid garnished with a couple citrus seeds. It was a wonderfully aromatic mixture of honey, cinnamon and ginger that really cleansed the palate. I would imagine that, if heated, it would serve as the perfect remedy for head congestion.

        All in all it was a great chowhound experience. As far as Korean BBQ goes it was second best all time in our experience, next to Soot Bull Jeep in LA. Hopefully they can keep it up.

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        1. re: cibodivino

          cibo, thanks for the detailed report !

          my quick & dirty googling leads me to believe you might be the first to get some details on the cybermap for this place.

          few questions if you don't mind:

          1) live charcoal or gas ?

          2) how's the non-BBQ side of the menu look ?

          3) do they have a license or is it BYO right now ?

          I've been meaning to get to another place for BBQ and otherwise, Shilla, which seems to have a good-looking menu:

          I wonder how it compares. I'll need to pay both of them a visit now.

        2. What is the address or how do we get there?

          1. It is, unfortunately, an electric grill plate.

            The non-bbq options are extensive (esp. soups) and don't necessarily seem to be catered to the American palate

            I'm not sure about the status of their liquor license

            It is located on Middle Fiskville between Highland Mall Blvd and E Huntland (across the parking lot from the Galaxy Theater and next to Shanghai Chinese retaurant)

            One thing I forgot to mention - in the foyer there is a massive cardboard cutout (think Kathy Ireland standing next to a bottle of Bud Light) advertising some sort of dish, but the script is enirely Korean -- except for the price, which is $69.95......?