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Nov 30, 2008 08:29 PM

Has anyone been to "Pollo Tropical"?

AWESOME! This chain has terrific marinated & grilled chicken, sweet plantains, fried yuca, tres leches cake, etc. The restaurant is tropically designed, bright and clean - I went to the Woodbridge, NJ location but know they have other locations in the Tri-State area and throughout Florida.

I encourage all "'hounds" to try this inexpensive and delicioso place!!!

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  1. My family in Clifton, NJ got takeout from there once. It was so good! Everything we had was delicious, especially the guava barbecue sauce. I wish there was one closer to me.
    My husband and I are actually going to visit them this weekend - now I'll have to make sure we get there.

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    1. re: stephiehun

      I wish there was one closer to me

      Is Little Ferry close enough?

      1. re: fourunder

        No - I live in Delaware. :( I've been to the one in Clifon by my family, and still talk about it months later.

    2. I too would love to see the replies on this, I live around the corner from the Woodbrige, NJ one, and haven't tried it yet. I am not a bone person. Do they have any boneless items?
      Seems all ribs and chicken on bones.
      I also guess I am still a little ticked they put this where my Wendy's was.
      Wendy's was there one day and gone the next and within 2 months hello Pollo.
      I wait on the reviews and see re: the bone situation.. LOL
      It goes back to a teacher in 2nd grade decided she would tell us where all meat comes from. Ugg My husband has to pull meat off for me and get rid of bones at any funtion I can not run from it.
      I didn't start eating meat again till 1988! Drove my Mom nuts..

      Ok just checked out the menu from the link..Chicken breast (no bone) Rest doesn't do it for me. all the rest looks pretty nasty. Not my cup of tea
      Would rather have my Wendy's back!

      1. I lived in South FL for a while and this was the only "fast food" place that I would eat. I am a fan of the chicken on rice with their sweet bbq sauce and a side of plantains. Oh I miss it everyday.

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        1. re: HitchChic

          Here in South FL it is a fast-food staple. So much tastier than your typical greasy burger place, and the great lunch specials are an office favorite. Please try the boiled yuca with garlic sauce and the fried yuca - both are so good - better than potatoes.

          1. re: tlubow

            How good it is really depends on your store... the one by our house is great - they have a very high turnover so everything's very fresh and delicious. But I went to one in Orlando and it was dried out and gross.

        2. I make it a point to go when I'm in South Florida. Best meals, best sides, best desserts of any "fast food" place I've been to.

          1. The only thing I don't like on th emenu is the yucca fries. Yucca is yuck-a to me.
            But otherwise this chain is a good model for good fast food. I'm glad to hear it's up in NJ. Just hope it doesn't over reach in expansion and quality drops.