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Dare I ask...SIZZLER...has anyone tried this chain recently?

I spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico and it seems that Sizzler is extremely popular there. I checked out their website and there's even an online "restaurant tour"...shocker, it looked pretty nice. The price is so low, I'm tempted to at least give it a try for lunch. So, has anyone been there recently?

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  1. Salad bar.
    There are baked potatoes, pasta and sauce and fried chicken wings as well as soup and refried beans, rice, tortillas and carnitas on the hot food portion of the bar.
    Choose wisely.

    1. Don't waste your money.

      1. It so depends on which one you go to! I've had lunch at one and thoroughly enjoyed the salad bar, finding the ingredients fresh and some of the offerings such as taco meat & corn tortillas exceptional. That said at another location we weren't very hungry at dinner time and thought the salad bar would be a good choice....NOT. The lettuce was wilted and watery, the appetizers just looked cold, old, and greasy. We should have gone to an In 'n Out!

        1. I haven't eaten at one in yrs. That is one thing living between 2 malls and RT 1 you are in a Chain heaven? LOL You see one come in and then go right back out again. Old Sizzler now a Panera Old Wendy's now Pollo Tropical. When I did eat there wasn't bad for the price, but as my hubby always say's "you get what you paid for" Hmmm

          1. For some reason I loved SIzzler as a kid but now I haven't eaten there in many years. I don't think I ever once ordered off the menu, always the salad bar. If it's a salad bar style buffet you're looking for I highly recommend Souplantation or Soupersalad over Sizzler. Same idea Salad, soup, baked potato bar, but way more stuff and higher quality.

            1. Ever since they changed their recipe for the cheese toast I haven't been back.

              I used go through about a dozen of those cheese toasts (at a minimum) when I was in high school.

              Now? Just thinking about doing that makes me nauseous.

              1. Like others here, I used to enjoy the food there as a kid.
                Used to love their fries, garlic bread (or was it cheese bread?), and the salad bar.
                But the few times I have been back in recent years, I have not been very impressed, including to one in San Juan, PR.

                Most recent visit was to one in Salt Lake City, where the steak was sooo bad (extremely tough, plus bloody in the center and burnt, not just charred, on the outside) that I vowed never to return.

                1. I haven't been to a Sizzler in years. Nothing there I would ever want to eat.

                  1. Remember going to one a million years ago with mom and dad when I was a kid. Nothing memorable. In the past few years mom went twice, months apart, to one here in Northern California. Both times made her puke after she got home. Needless to say she will never return and I have no desire to go and find out if it has the same affect on me.

                    1. Wow, Sizzler. Haven't thought about that in years. I can't believe they are still around. Going to the Sizzler on Sat nights (only if we were good in Church) was a big night out for us as a kid. I felt so grown up having my own tray, and picking my own food. Lots of good memories. Don't remember the food that much though.

                      1. i go like twice a month...I recently moved about 70 miles north of LA and its hard to find good food where im at and honestly, Sizzler is the most consistant restaurant ive been too in the last year. Every time i go the service is great, my steak is cooked how i like it, and the salad bar is kept fresh and clean. I cant say that about any other chain ive visited in the last year. I always order the classic combo (steak, malibu chicken, butterflied fried shrimp) with the salad bar. I have not one complaint and i encourage you to give it a try