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Nov 30, 2008 06:57 PM

Best Fine Dining In Dallas..............

I will be in Dallas for 3 nights for the Cotton Bowl. I will be at Ritz Carlton and have dinner at Fearings one night. Is the Mansion still good. What about the French Room. What are your top 3/4 fine dining restaurants in the city. Thanks.

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  1. In no particular order: York Street, Lola, Bijoux, Stephan Pyles (that's four). You could add Abacus, Shinsei, Nana, Nonna, Aurora, and Craft to the list. The Mansion is still very good; so's the French Room. You won't go wrong at any of these.

    1. Alice has given great advice, although I'm not reall crazy about Abacus. Of those she recommended, my favs are Lola, Bijoux, York Street and Nonna in that order. The food at Lola is very, very good, but it's the wine list that really puts it at the head of the class among Dallas' restaurants. Very deep and astonishingly reasonable. Bijoux is Scott Gottlich's restaurant and he's a former Lola chef who is doing great things in his own restaurant. Native American seasonal ingredients with a Michelin two star attention to detail, at least from the kitchen. And York Street is a wonderful restaurant that really goes out of it's way to work with regional ingredients. Chef Sharron Hage is really a star among Dallas' chefs. I can't say enough good things about her or her cooking. Nonna is a real change for Dallas -- good modern Italian. The chef worked at Oliveto in Oakland, one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the U.S., and after a few teething pains, the restaurant is now hitting on all calenders. A modest, but very nicely selected Italian wine list, too.

      1. Lola got my vote. I like it very much. It is small and itimate.
        Aurora is quite unique but far too formal, no fun.
        I am not too crazy about Abacus either. Not Mansion either.

        I do recommend the new restaurant I have already eaten a couple of times since their openning. If you like steak and seafood and also like more sophisticated flavors, Tre Amici will be a good option.

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            That didnt last long. Hopefully he ends up somewhere good. He has a lot of followers.

        1. Lola for sure!

          I have been to the Mansion, York Street and Lola all are good but Lola is the best overall. It helps also that the chef and his wife are in Slow Food. His seasonal vegetable and fruits really astound me. The wine selection is another reason to love Lola. I am not really into wine but the waiters are very good about pairing wines with your tastes and dinner selections. The prices are very reasonable also on the wine. My wife and I went about a week ago for our birthday celebration. We got 4 glasses of wine for a total of $36. One was a 20 yo Tawny Port, very smooth and very good with my cheese plate. The chef also house cures a charcuterie plate that is not to be missed. The tasting room is also a steal at $69 for a ten course meal and an additional $10 for a foie gras plate to be added. The Mansion was a bit too old for my wife and I (30 and 27) as everyone at the Mansion was at least twice our age when we went last. The dining room was quite and the waiters are nice but not very conversational. York Street was awful for what my wife and I had. I only liked the salad when we went. The space is very cramped and I wasn't all that excited about the dishes. Others might disagree but I just have never found it to be that great when compared with Lola.

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            Does anyone know what Lola's schedule is like for the holidays? I have been trying to call them but keep getting their voicemail which is full and unable to take any more messages. I was hoping to take some out of town friends there the weekend after new year's but am wondering if I need to change my plans.