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Nov 30, 2008 06:18 PM

El Torito Mexican Mt. Vernon

Ate lunch here today after reading the review in Baltimore Magazine. Live in Mt Vernon and have always found our mexican joints to be disappointing. Typically drive to Arcos. Have to agree with the review, food was excellent and service was pleasant and attentive. The chips came with 2 types of salsa. A green salsa verde and a spicier chipotle in adobo salsa. Both were tasty. I had the taco trio with 1 chorizo and 2 carnitas. They were topped with onion and cilantro. Some might find them to be very basic but I thought the lack of sour cream/guacamole really let the meat flavors shine.
Sad to report that the place was empty. Waitress said it's almost always slow. What a bummer! Hope they get enough business to stay open. I'd like to be able to round out our Mt Vernon staples of Brewers, Minato and Iggies with a Mexican restaurant.

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  1. I heartily second the recommendation. Thankfully, they just got a writeup in Baltimore magazine, which may help them a bit. I had a great torta and my lunch companions enjoyed their tacos and burritos.

    1. I had lunch there on Saturday: grilled beef with beans and rice. That and a strawberry "shake" made an excellent lunch.

      This is a gem because it is simple and good. The beans and rice alone are worth the trip.

      They said that they have extended their evening hours to 8:00.


      1. SeƱora Cortes always makes my visit worth while...This place is a hidden treasure!!! The menu is affordable and everything that I've samples so far has been delicioso!!!! I too hope that business will increase. Would hate to lose this Mt. Vernon gem!

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          I've been there three times in the last two weeks. I really hope people start going more. Anything with chorizo or mole is out of this world. AND CHEAP!

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            I love love love this place and feel exactly the same way as all of you. Is there something we can do to enhance the appeal for others? Is it just so far off the beaten path that people just don't know its there? I have not dined in ever as I am more often than not, the only person in the restaurant. Most authentic Mexican cuisine I have found in Baltimore as of yet. Taco selections are great, enchiladas to die for, chicken soup was tremendous as well. Don't expect any guac as they don't purchase avocados anymore since business has become inconsistent. Recently changed their name to El Guapito in case anyone has been searching for it online.


        2. It's an excellent little restaurant and deserves better support. Unfortunately I think skittish Baltimoreans are turned off by the West Mulberry Street location. To offset this concern, I tell people that El Guapito is "Across the Street and Around the Corner from the Basilica!"

          The authentic food, the very reasonable prices and the comfortable and hospitable atmosphere make it one of my favorite places.