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Palm Springs restaurants

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I'm going to be in Palm Springs for a week around Xmas/New Years. Any recommendations on restaurants there? One person in our party is a vegetarian, so any veggie-friendly restaurants (particularly Indian) would be particularly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. I really like Zin bistro down town. It's very good. I've had some great braised dishes like beef cheeks and short ribs. Great Mac and cheese, burgers. It's a really nice place.

    1. there's a location of Native Foods - a vegan restaurant that has several locations in So Cal. i've only been to the Westwood branch, and it's pretty casual, but the food is really very good.


      1. Delhi Palace on Palm Canyon a bit south of Vista Chino. Definitely veggie friendly, and pretty solid Indian food - I've never been disappointed there.

        1. I adore Palm Springs, but always struggle to find decent eats there. My favorite spot--for the ambiance as much as the food--is Norma's at the Parker. They only do breakfast and lunch but the two meals I ate there last summer were excellent. Best iced coffee I've ever had while lounging in the shade on the patio. Heaven.

          1. El Mirasol has decent vegetarian versions of Mexican standards. I was there last week. The food was about the same as always. But the margaritas, while never made with fresh ingredients, had a particularly of strong sysco flavor.

            1. I live in Seattle but visit Palm Springs often. I have not tried any of the Indian restaurants there but will try Delhi Place next time I go. There are a number of really medicore restaurants there but a few great ones. I really like Johanne's downtown. We had dinner there last Saturday night. I had a great wild mushroom soup that was a combination of fresh and dried mushrooms pureed in vegetable broth (vegetarian and not cream-based). Then I had a Mediterranean white fish (forget the exact name) with peas. My partner had a stunning brussel sprout salad and scallops. We ordered 2 glasses of an Oregon pinot gris (McMinville Selena) which was much better than you can usually get by the glass in a restaurant. Topped it off with heavenly warm chocolate cake and outstanding coffee. The restaurant is quiet and the service was great as well. See their website:

              We always go down to Cathedral City to El Gallito for Mexican. It is right off the main highway 111. Very authentic Mexican. It might not live up to LA or Texas standards for Mexican but is much better than what we can easily get in Seattle. It's inexpensive, kind of a shack, and there is usually a wait.

              A few of my other favorite places there are Melvyn's in The Ingleside Inn and Le Valleuris but they are pretty meat-centric so maybe not what you are looking for.

              1. I second the Johannes rec. Just went for the first time a few weeks ago and loved it. Not perfect for vegetarians, but your friend could order a few starters. Also, great wine and martini menu there.
                For something casual, try Matchbox Pizza. Cool outdoor patio and great pizzas and salads.
                And a great, relatively new, spot for breakfast and lunch is Cheeky's. You can't go wrong with pretty much everything on that menu.

                1. I recently went to Tommy Bahama's Rest. and it was great!! It was recommended online
                  as one of the top ten places to eat!! They have a great menu, service and decor. Reservations are recommened.