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Nov 30, 2008 05:13 PM

A Taste of Quebec

New shop in the Distillery, right across from the bakery. Owned by JP Challet, the chef, and the place is focussed on bringing Quebec products to Ontario. It's been open one week, and carries cheeses, charcuterie, smoked salmon (maple/armagnac is one of the flavourings), various preserves, oils, and sauces, and will carry pates and terrines. With the address, I was expecting the pricing to be somewhat higher than it is. Very nice selection of cheeses, with many of the Chaput, some Charlevoix. Nice space, with a kitchen and event space (smaller parties). I was impressed with the staff's efforts and the fact that they appear to be committed to their prices being competitive with what larger retailers are charging for similar (though not identical) Quebec cheese. Bienvenue!

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  1. It's finally open! Interesting. The sign has been up for months. Do you know if any of the charcuterie they're bringing in is from Le Cochon Tout Rond? They're in rural Quebec, but have a stand at Jean-Talon in Montreal. Do you also know if they carry Kenogami?

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      Thanks for the update. I've been waiting for this place to open since I first saw their sign months ago!

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          I meant to write about this also. We stopped in last weekend and bought some cheeses. They are still in the midst of bringing stock in, some of the shelves were bare when we were there but I know they are selling foie. The staff are very friendly. We had a chat with one of the chefs and she was great! The space is really nice. I will go back for sure.

      1. Ok...we had picked up a few items from the store a couple of weekends ago. I had mentioned on another board that the sugar pie (which I believe was a limited thing) was not very good for the price we paid. I think I had better sugar pie at Loblaw's. We also picked up their tourtiere made with pork and duck. It was good but not really worth the $30 we paid.
        The cheeses are excellent! We picked up the Riopelle (very similar to Brie..so smooth) and another cheese made with St-Ambroise beer. So good. I hear their in house chef is making cretons soon. Can't wait!

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          i was wondering why there wasn't any cretons in their fridge cases... good to know. hope it's priced better than what you can get at schefflers.

          i just dropped into the store and overall i found it lacked variety, interesting items and was rather pricey. the cheese looked the most promising but i've barely eaten what's in the drawer at home so i wasn't in a position to get more. i assume their product selection will grow but overall it wasn't very impressive.